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minayuri minayuri

The first Gundam series was an average watch for me, I can't see why the first entry of the Gundam metaseries is "masterpiece" worthy, most of the battles were downright predictable from the get go, it felt like every Amuro vs. Char battle had things going in Amuro's favor, which is a slap in the face to battle veteran Char, for once I would've liked to see Char get the upper hand on Amuro. The Origin is a great addition in telling the story of Char and Sayla before the One Year War, although I wish this was being made as a TV series instead considering the large gap Sunrise gives OVA's these days in releasing new episodes. The character that shined for me the most was Sayla Mass, she goes through quite a lot in the series, and it was her that made me give the series a good score.

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