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minayuri minayuri

For those who have experienced watching the tragedies that unfolded in Zeta Gundam, this series will perk you up with a more positive-thinking protagonist and the adventures he and his crew experience as they join Bright Noa and surviving AEUG members for the final stand against Haman Karn and her Neo Zeon. However, I don't like the filler episodes that slow down the plot and how characters like Fa Yuiry and Yazan Gable were treated in this series. From the series as a whole, I can see why it lived up as a weak series, with plot holes and the story not being very well organized, considering CCA was greenlit for production while ZZ was still airing, it appears as if Tomino was concentrating more on CCA's plot and doing random things with ZZ's. Suffice to say, only half the series was good while the other half was either meh or bad.


The beginning started off silly that I wanted to drop the series. I get over that idea and keep watching.
I get to see a certain girl's panties in that pink dress when she took a bow. That was nice fanservice there.
Later on it gets more serious like Gundam Animes are supposed to.

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