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Mobile Suit Gundam F 91 Series

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Mobile Suit Gundam F 91 Scans

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minayuri minayuri

My favorite motion picture of the Gundam franchise, I enjoyed this so much better than CCA as I felt F91 had the more compelling story and an interesting cast of new characters such as the leads Seabook Arno and Cecily Fairchild. I like how Seabook didn't get the Gundam right off the bat like other Gundam protagonists that came before did, only when he matured enough to take on the responsibility in being a Gundam pilot entails that it was bestowed to him and Cecily is such a strong, independent, and mature young woman considering the family issues she goes through, Cecily doesn't let it weigh her down and is courageous to strive for her own personal freedom and fight for her beliefs. I feel that Tomino did great in developing Seabook and Cecily as individuals and as a couple. I fell in love with Hiroko Moriguchi's song "Eternal Wind" for the movie, it's truly a beautiful and powerful ballad. F91 deserved a lot more than it got, it certainly had more to offer than 0083 and Victory ever did.

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