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The year is CE 73. Two years after the battle of Jachin Due, tensions still run high between naturals and coordinators. ZAFT has developed several new mobile suits, including several new gundams, and is preparing to unveil them to the world.

However, three of the gundams are hijacked by three of the EAF's Extendeds: Sting Oakley, Auel Neider, and Stellar Loussier. To recover the stolen mobile suits, the new ZAFT battleship Minerva heads out, with Shinn Asuka piloting the new Impulse Gundam. Once again, the world is plunged into a state of war between ZAFT and the EAF. Where will this new war lead? And how will the heroes of the previous war, Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato, react?

Credits: destati

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0Neosis' Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Tv Review

Rated: 6

Like SEED; Destiny is more about the characters devolopment rather than mecha robot fighting which I don't think is bad idea, however the characters are shown to various flaws that leads them into troubling situations which I suppose is to make them seem more human I guess. Cause these needs to be short I'll only focus on the three main protagonists. I must say the artwork of both the charcters and the mobile suits were impressive as most of the males and females were both handsome and beautiful in there own ways which maybe part of the reason while many people watch these show and it's previous show. As for the mecha's they quite decent but some of them were kinda copy offs from SEED in appearance. Most of the music is pretty good as it were pretty easy to listen to and enjoy.

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Member Opinions

dragonknight2000 dragonknight2000

I love GS and GSD series Im a fan of it especially the freedom gundam love the artworks and plot as well a great anime indeed.
The fourth opening theme of Gundam SEED Destiny (original version) "Wings of Words" is a reference to the Destiny Gundam's special feature, "Wings of Light".

minayuri minayuri

A poorly executed series with character degeneration to boot. These characters did not deserve a sequel. However I feel sorry for Meyrin Hawke, a character I like, who gets trampled on by Cagalli/AsuCaga fans, which isn't fair to Meyrin. Blame the writers of the series for breaking up AsuCaga, not Meyrin. I personally like Meyrin better with Athrun because as a girl not involved with politics, Meyrin will be able to provide Athrun a normal life, which is what he needs, and Meyrin accepts Athrun for who he is, Cagalli changed him too much and that's why he's so indecisive. I recognize Final Plus' ending, not the S.E. #4 ending, Final Plus' ending makes more sense, I think Kira, Athrun, and Shinn need to get back to civilian life with their respective girlfriends, S.E. #4's ending is just stupid and makes no sense, Yzak would make a better chairman than Lacus, as he has been faithful from the start, has a good grasp on politics, and has earned the respect of his countrymen as a military commander, so I believe he should've been the new chairman, not Lacus.

Cirru Cirru

After having watched both seasons, this Gundam series felt like it dragged on for far too long. If the story was different, then perhaps it would have been more enjoyable for me. Really only watched the second season to see how it ended.

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

I really loved Kira in the first series (SEED), but I really hate him in Destiny. Destiny, if compared to Seed, is much more tragic (mainly because of my favorite character: Stellar's death). Though the plot and the flow are almost just the same, I think I like Destiny more.


Gundam Seed Destiny was an anime that I enjoyed in the past. I felt that the story line needed some improvement , unlike the first series Gundam Seed, it does not feel like it has the same impact on me. Tension between both Earth Forces and Zaft are high but it does not seem to include as much about human nature and how it works. This series is based on people following orders for the most part.

Lunariha Lunariha

As a fangirl of Seed, of course it's a "YEY!" for me to have a second season for the anime. The soundtrack is still great as alwaysI'm glad to see developments in the characters (for example, Kira is not a crybaby anymore). Character design is consistent. That's also a "Yey!" from me for the new characters (look alikes, anyone? some resemble old characters like Meyrin and Fllay, Cagalli and Stellar. Sidenote: I really like the author's/director's idea of a Lacus imposter.) However, some of the new characters lack character impact. Angst is still present, of course. Shinn is like the king of angst. To some degree, it made him seem like this 'bad ass' character...but then, it somewhat irritates me when it's too much, like to the point of it getting the better of Shinn, and he's easily manipulated by others (and he shouts a lot too). I definitely enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed watching Seed. Fav!


GSD is a very good movie..I really like it especially Athrun and Cagalli's love affair...Woah... I hate it when there are many girls who are flirting to Athrun..i wish that there would be GSD3..
I want to see Cagalli wearing a dress and growing her hair..

singlemoon singlemoon

After Kira, we had Shin as the angsty teenager in this sequel.
As always, I look forward for the Gundam battle so I can overlook the human issue in this series. Lots of sad moment, and I was glad in all end good at the end.

Aiira Aiira

Continued watching the series since I was really hooked onto it. More specifically I continued watching this anime because of Kira and Lacus. I totally fell in-love with those two characters that watching the anime over and over again I would!

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

I was really surprised with the 2 new characters in this series. It's like Cagalli had an other twin other than Kira. Yeah, I'm talking about Stellar. I was also surprised with Meer but not as much as Stellar. The characters are okay as well as the story but the way I see it, it's just all about Shinn making revenge (Mayu and Stellar). The Final Plus was sweet.

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

I loved Gundam SEED so this was a must watch for me. I enjoyed this sequel a lot, one of the main reasons is because Athurn was more of the main character in this. I just love him, he's my favorite! <3 <3 <3 I enjoyed the new characters along with the original characters from the first one ^^

randomly--random randomly--random

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny is a direct sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam Seed which happened like 2yrs after. the story is fairly interesting && it mostly dealt with the background of the characters and less on the mobile suits though the mobile suits did stay looked really well(: i really loved the reappearance of Justice && Freedom though i really do wish that Buster and Duel had their reappearance as well :< anyway, most of the characters annoyed me most especially Stellar (no offence on her fans, but i really do just see her as Flay of GSD :P) && Cagalli (though i quite liked Cagalli in GS, she turned out annoying here, most especially during the beginning until the middle part, sorry to her fans).. anyway, Athrun still played a really great character (that just makes him my favorite for both GS && GSD). i also liked Shinn though there were times that i hate him. LOL.

anyway, overall, if you liked Gundam Seed, you might as well watch this series because it's a good sequel though don't expect to much because personally, i still like Gundam Seed more(:

sarah-lou-myers-123 sarah-lou-myers-123

Didn't like this as much and the fact the main character shifted around like 5 times! Only really watched it, to see what would happen between Athrun and Cagalli, and was totally grief stricken when I saw then not together at the end. Well, until I watched the Special Edition and saw Athrun in a military uniform of her country. (Sorry that I can't recall the name of the country).

Rufusek Rufusek

The continuation of how good serie, I was worried that it may suck compared to first serie but hopefully it was awesome ^^. Here we got new main character in Core Splendor Shinn. He is not a genious in everything as Kira and Athuran but only in piloting. Can't really say wether it was worser or as good as first part because i watched it continousely but surely wasn't better.


This pretty much the same as my review for Gundam Seed. My only problem with this series is that the character of Shinn Asuka was always negative. I know that in the storyline his parents and sister were killed in Orb, but Flay (Kira's major love interest from the first series) was killed and Kira was actually able to remain optimistic throughout Destiny. Other than that, a very solid anime!

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