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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Series, OVA

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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Scans

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

An excellent piece of Universal Century Gundam fare, the writing for this series is far much better than anything Yoshiyuki Tomino did and overall Unicorn is the best chapter of the UC saga with a far better protagonist and story. Mineva was really cool as a heroine and I loved her character development she had in growing into a fine lady like Relena Peacecraft of Wing and Queen Dianna and Kihel Heim of Turn A. Marida Cruz is also a great character and as far as cyber-newtypes go, she is by far the best one in terms of character development. The animation is top notch and the music score as well. Both Harutoshi Fukui and Kazuhiro Furuhashi did an excellent job in crafting this series and I praise their work as head writer and director respectively. On another note with the TV edit, this is something that should not have been greenlit...Sunrise needs to give fans what they want most...Crossbone Gundam.

Cirru Cirru

This Gundam OVA ticks all the boxes. It has great mobile suits, compelling characters, and a well flushed out story. For six episodes (six hours) of content, they did a marvelous job with this series (and looking forward to the next episode). Highly recommend.

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