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Korean student Jae Suh moves to Europe to improve her artistic skills. One night, her friend Melissa unexpectedly drops by her place, dragging with her an unconscious man...whom she dumps at Jae's apartment before running off. Fuming, Jae goes to sleep and, in her dreams, she sees the man sucking her blood.

In the morning, she groggily awakes to find...two puncture marks on her neck! Distraught and still angry, she begins sketching the man, considering it to be a fair trade. When he wakes up, the man initially berates Jae's talent and the quality of her blood, but proposes an interesting agreement: he will continue to pose for Jae, and she will supply him with her blood. But capturing a vampire essence turns out to be more difficult than Jae initially thought...

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Pretty good vampire drama, I'll admit that. The story can get confusing at times and may require a re-reading, and you may find yourself changing your opinion of the characters from one chapter to the next. The art took a bit of getting used to but it ultimately grew on me and now I find it quite beautiful even though I still think there's something off about Michael. As for the ending, let's just say it goes either way and you can interpret it as you wish, which I found appropriate given the story.

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