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Member Opinions

woochann woochann

Unique in every way, and intriguing beyond belief. This anime, along with House of Five Leaves have become my all-time favorites-and I recommend them to anyone willing to try quirky on for size. As this anime is, without a doubt, quirky, but interesting on many levels: mainly psychologically. I'd say this anime is not for everyone simply because of how strange it can be, but truly a masterpiece both animation wise, as well as character/plot wise.

singlemoon singlemoon

It was 'Ayakashi' that introduce me to this anime.
At first, I thought the art looks kinda weird especially the coloring style. But not so long after that, my opinion changed and I actually like the whole thing, the art and the main character. They depicted a mysterious air and it goes well with the whole supernatural anime.
To me, Mononoke got interesting plot and the studio creatively present the whole anime.
I tried to find mistakes in this anime but it seems that my love for this anime just blinded me. So I can't help but give it full marks. XD

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

The first time I've ever saw Mononoke was when I watch Ayakashi aired in TV few years ago.
I think it's also one of the best anime ever made and it deserve more episode (yeah, I'm greedy.). I have no problem with the artwork, cause for me, it's full of creativity and mysteriousness and it suited the story. Great presentation, in short.
Highly recommended!

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Graphics here is something you have to deal with, you like it or not. Personally, I don't. I watched it for the sake of medicine seller^_^ He is very cool character, I love his kimono and overall concept. His personality is interesting as well. But the demon and ghost stories he participates in are not that bad too. They caught my attention view times, so I just had to watch, to know what happens next. If you can bear the art style... its likeable^_^

aozoraskies aozoraskies

Abound with bright colours, yet spine-chillingly horrific, yet emotionally provoking, with its main protagonist ever calm in the face of Death, this is an anime that raises the bar. While not completely flawless, it is honestly, and terrifyingly so extremely hard to forget.


Absolutely gorgeous animation, style and character designs. Story gets a bit bizarre in places, but overall a great series. I watched it all the way through in a marathon. I would also recommend Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales as a partner series to this one.

abaddon13 abaddon13

It's pretty bizarre,
If you're into the "mystery" genre and an old fashioned way of speaking...
(As well as presenting) I'd suggest this anime for you. The movement is quite different, and the presentation is much like Kabuki ! But it gives off the creepy aura that you want in a horror anime.

Very nicely done actually! Loved it.

Suzusan Suzusan

Very strange yet very interesting anime... The graphic style is unique, a sort of mix between the higly decorative paintings by Klimt and the colourful and elegant traditional japanese printings. The story follows some of the ancient horror/supernatural japanese tales, crossed by the misterious figure of the Kusuri-Uri (the Medicine Seller, he's the main character, but he never reveals its true name, if he has one), who, fighting against Mononoke (a sort of spirit or goblins in the japanese folklore), brings you from an arc to another. The beautiful visual part is stressed by powerful musical pieces probably connected to the traditional Kabuki (hope this is correct...) theatre, as well as careful alternation of words and silence, one of the best features of the anime. It's to underline too the great work performed by the Kusuri-Uri's seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai (who voiced, among the others, Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass, Yu Kanda from D.Grayman and Cloud Strife in the japanese Final Fantasy VII games/film), whose voice mostly determines all of the main characters's misterious magnetism. Well, what can I say...? Go and watch it, quickly!!! ;-b

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