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orange-lisa orange-lisa

Nice story, but it could have been developed better. Too many things that could have had more space are just mentioned and left to the imagination. Nice concept, nice characters, beautiful environments, discrete final, unnecessary the sailor costumes, too well known.

MUNTO: "I am Munto… no, I’m Lord Munto so call me Lord Munto."

KitanaSama KitanaSama

Anime muuuito legal!! Terminei de vê-lo agora mesmo!! Uma pena que não teve uma conclusão! Quero muito que tenha uma continuação!!! Quero ver o Munto-sama de novo!!! A história me cativou do começo ao fim! A cada episódio eu ia ficando mais e mais empolgada e de certa forma aflita pra saber o que aconteceria em seguida! E aquela voz! Oh céus!! Daisuke Ono! Você é o cara! Me lembrei na hora de Kuroshitsuji! A nota 9.5 é em razão de não ter tido uma conclusão. Só espero que não levem muitos anos para fazer uma sequencia.
Fangirl MODE ON: Munto-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Eu amo seu cabelo, sua voz, personalidade, suas orelhas pontudas e todo o resto! hahahahaha

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

This show is pretty good. I think I saw an amv using the show so I decided to watch it. It's very short so you could finish the whole show within a day. The only problem is that episodes 7 - 9 are in a completely different style to the first six since the company dropped it then picked it back up. Personally if they were going to finish it, they probably should've just reanimated the entire thing. The show looks so off because it did that. Also, this series was originally two movies, but the company made it into an anime series and then released a 3rd move which was basically episodes 7 - 9 but they also added some extra scenes that weren't in the anime. I thought the ending to the show was kind of lame since nothing really happened. The antagonist didn't even put up a fight, really. I also hated the anime ending when they didn't tell you where Munto had gone after the Akuto crisis ended. Thankfully, the show saved me in the 3rd Munto OVA when Munto comes back to see Yumemi. That was the closure I needed to love that show. ^^ This project could have been handled better or just been given more episodes, but it's really not that bad. I would try it before you rule it out.

ghost945 ghost945

fighting scenes all very cool and fancy. many characters bit confusing who's who. the centre idea of this anime - the bit about how our main female lead could save the other world remains unclear to me. again, if it runs a few more episodes, may explain more.

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