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Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Series, Visual Novel

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Aliceblond Aliceblond

This anime is hard to be judged upon. There are too many advantages and disadvantages.
For me, the most disappointing thing is alternative Russia (Soviet Union). It is really disgusting and reminds me of the Nazi Germany rather than of my native country. What on Earth does this "Nash ura", the words shouted by the Soviet pilots, mean? >_< And this people act so crazy, all of them. Even the alternative USA, seemingly showing some racism towards Japanese people, is depicted less awful.
And the names of all "Russian" characters are also terrible. The worst one is Ficatia or smth like that. It is too stupid.
I'd be happier if my country was depicted as an Empire, like alternative Japan, not some old-fashioned (and somehow creepy) USSR. x)
On the other hand, all the mecha are quite beautiful. I like their designs. It's interesting to watch Yuya mastering his piloting skills, and Yui is a great pilot already.
All the main characters including Soviet girls are nice and believable. That's a good thing.
The world of this anime is quite interesting too. It is very vivid and realistic despite being a post-apocalyptic reality. Though BETA doesn't seem to be nice to look at. >_<
I've rated this anime somewhat average but I'm going to watch it further and my opinion might change in the future.

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