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Mai Tokiha is just an ordinary high school student struggling to balance the trials of school with the tribulations of love. She is a recent transfer to Fuka Academy, a prestigious school where students have a significant deal of autonomy; apart from classes, taught by various lecturers, the students have a great deal of freedom, doing what they will under the aegis of the Student Council. However, strage occurrances recently have shown that things are not as they seem at Fuka. Why have creatures -- "Orphans" -- started appearing around the school, and what are HiMEs? What exactly is the secret of Fuka Academy?

Credits: shinsengumi

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Burnouts3s3's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 8

Mai Hime is just one of those good animes that any casual fan can get into. It's likable, it doesn't leave the audience out of the loop, and it gives opportunity to write about the characters and their relationship in general. Where other series struggle to combine elements of different genres, Mai Hime perfectly blends two genres into one. If there's any complaint, it would be the ending. Considering the amount of development throughout the work, the ending feels like a cop-out. However, this anime is just fun, dramatic and good.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

It was an alright series, my favorite character Akane was given the short stick with screen-time and I don't like that she was the first HiME targeted. I was sad for her for what happened to her beloved Kazuya and I really don't like the pairing of ShizNat either and they're my bottom of the totem poll yuri pair next to Utena and Anthy of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

a good anime
watched it long time ago..the art of this anime isn't something if we comperd it with the animes now(well it's an old one anyway !)
the story is nice(liked it)..and it has a sad parts (but happy ending ^^)
it's in most.. Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Mecha, Romance, School, Shoujo Ai
if you like these Genres...then go for it.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

supernatural anime about girls who have powers and control their powers,it is good and says that the friend bonds are the strongest!
I liked this show from the very beginning, but I hated the ending though (maybe because I hate happy endings)
so the battle and action moments interested me also the character's abilities, but it was madness to fight Hime's and start war with each other....if you are bored and wanna kill your boring hours....try to watch this anime ;)

Alistare Alistare

I like this anime a lot, but the end disappointed me a little. Probably because they really chewed up the ending compared to the manga. It was very different from what Mai and the others went through at the end of the manga series.


Absolutely loved this anime, and considering it was the first anime I watched (besides Pokemon when I was much younger), it set the bar pretty damn high for me. Loved the characters, the script at times was a little iffy to be honest and there were quite a lot of unanswered questions too once it finished but I suppose it was just kept that way to leave it to the audience's imagination. But overall, absolutely loved it and love re-watching it!


My-Hime swings wildly all over the place. Sometimes there is a huge amount of excessive fanservice and a happy-cheery atmosphere, and then suddenly everything turns dark and dramatic. The plot and main characters are at their best in these darker moments, but the beach scenes and drinking games drag the series down. Despite this, the show has an amazing soundtrack.

reb-el reb-el

I loved how this show was basically a Shonen fighting series with Shoujo characters. An excellent show overall with some very well done female characters (surprising for a Sunrise anime these days), but marred by a horrible final episode with an out-of-nowhere ending and a terrible plot twist.


Oh gawd... talk about emotional.... I really do love this anime... and the music is just wonderful... but the creativity with the character design is nice to see. I hate that it made me love so many characters and killed them all off!... but its okay cause they come back! oh anime... I love you so...

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