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If you think being in love with someone is tough, try being in love with an older woman you barely know, whose husband died and now his ghost is haunting her. Sound insane? Well that's pretty much what's happening to Ryosuke Hazuki and his life of being in love with Rokka and dealing with her ever-present husband, Atsushi. As if that wasn't bad enough Hazuki is the only one who can even see Atsushi in the first place. Will Hazuki be able to make Rokka fall for him with the ghost of her ex-husband getting in the way and driving him crazy?

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Member Opinions

orange-lisa orange-lisa

A beautiful love story, very sweet but with a little bitter aftertaste... A shy young man in love with a woman older than him, a florist widow and the ghost of her husband, who cannot let her go: these are the protagonists. I felt a deep sympathy for Atsushi-san (the ghost), despite his possessiveness and its undisputed selfishness I couldn’t help but being sorry for him. I really liked the idea of this story, but I would have developed the plot in a different way: the whole business of the illustrated book was a bit crazy and I didn’t understand much of it, and the story of the bones was quite gruesome.

ATSUSHI SHIMAO: "My right ear was slightly hard of hearing, stemming from a high fever I had as a child. So she would usually walk on my left side. That was my unspoken reserved spot."

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

I like the idea for romance here - a love triangle between a guy named Hazuki who is in love with the girl from the flower shop, that girl and... her young dead husband, who only Hazuki can see... makes an interesting romance story with a little humor in it and make people think who acctually is in the worst situation... you can pity everyone of them. Don't know if it just me, but the action slows down a little later, but the whole thing isn't that long so it makes pretty good show to watch.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I don't usually watch romance anime, but decided to give this a shot to see if I would like it. Hazuki is nice. It definitely made for an interesting story when you have Atsushi; the ghost of Rokka's husband, hanging around while Hazuki is in love with Rokka. And as if just being in love with her isn't a challenge for him already, Hazuki is the only one that can even see Atsushi in the first place; which also makes their conversations and interactions with each other funny to watch. xD I like the ED^^

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