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Hachiko's Needless Tv Review

Rated: 5

Crikey, class! Did you see those words across the screen? Whoa, another set of words! And another set! This is just ridiculous.

Every character gets their attack written out on the screen, it seems, every two minutes. In my playbook, it's unnecessary corniness.

But that's just one part of NEEDLESS becoming a hopeless show to lay your eyes on.

While the music and voice acting meets the standard, and the art is passable, the storyline is NEEDLESS's undoing.

The staff may be having second thoughts about condensing a great manga into so short a span. Picture putting 20 pounds of meat into a sausage skim the size of your thumb.

They chopped up and watered the storyline, and even chose to leave out one of Cruz's defining moments. (You can look it up.) So I've heard.

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Member Opinions

Supersaiyan-V Supersaiyan-V

At first it came off as some shallow shonen but after that I LOVED every minute of it!! I love how it doesn't take itself so seriously and the fact that the characters are able to utilize their attacks/abilities in an intellectual manner! Definitely wanna start on the manga! Excellent series!

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I didn't expect to like this show much but surprinsingly I did. Again it just confirms the point that underated watched/heard about anime tend to use Grandrodeo for something; usually an opening. I thought Eve's running gag of getting Cruz's name wrong was funny. Blade was hilarious. Cruz was just so whiny it got on my nerves, on top of the fact that he was always so negative and always saw a bad situation as hopeless almot immediately. It just made me sigh. Yes his sister was a b****, and I couldn't stand her. I really wish Cruz would've given up on and stopped harping on her, she betrayed her only family and everyone else as a spy for the enemy, then reappeared like the psychotic thing that she was just to talk crap about how pathetic Cruz was as a brother and as a person and tries to kill him. I thought Cruz at least should've had some faith in his friends that were almost constantly saving his a** instead of on his off the deep end sister who cleary gave up caring about him long ago.

Duuz Duuz

I started this with high hopes, for fan service, and it delivered. But it lack any story to really hold me, it was random and reminded me too much of Gurren Lagann with a fight from one episode to the next with insanely stupid cliff hangers like they were making this stuff up as they went. It bored me and I quit watching.

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

Erm...not sure where to start with this one...It's crazy entertaining though, the plot is pretty much as basic as you can get, however the events to completely in the overall goal of bringing down that corporation is what really separates this series. I must admit the fight scenes are pretty well done, don't really like their art style however. Regardless, it does provide some laughs and thrills!

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