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Nemuri Netarou Awararu!!

Nemuri Netarou Awararu!! Series

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After moving to a new place, Tonko gets frequent nightmares in which her new classmates ignore or bully her. One night, as she tries to fall asleep, she realizes her body is asleep but her mind is wide awake. She hears footsteps and a strange voice, and is suddenly confronted by...a pervert who comments on her flat chest! Tonko manages to break out of her paralysis and screams for help, but the pervert manages to escape.

The next day, Tonko enters a shop with signs advertising a cure for nightmares, and comes face to face with a handsome man...and the pervert from the previous night...who turn out to be the same person! He is Netarou Nemuri, a specialist in curing people's sleeping problems. Tonko is highly skeptical and tries to leave to turn him in to the police, but Netarou forcibly takes her into the world of her nightmares and shows her surprising new information...

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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  • Nemuri Netarou Awararu!!

    Nemuri Netarou Awararu!!

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Very enjoyable! Good blend of action and comedy, and it was especially refreshing to see main characters who didn't fall in love or even get along (more like tolerate each other)! Tonko is stubborn and witty, while Netarou is more similar to an asshole hero than a princely one (despite his cute/handsome looks which would have you believe otherwise); it's fun to see the two of them argue.

The most intriguing part was the dream world and its inhabitants; with more information revealed along the way and working towards building a bigger picture, some parts would definitely make for interesting ethical debates. The ending was satisfactory too, though it does take a false direction into the typical "I wonder what happened to him/her" territory...only to turn around and finish on the same note of humor as the beginning of the story. All in all, I'd say it's worth a read. Standing at ~50 pages, it's not time consuming and the art is lovely and clean.

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