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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Really funny. This feels to me like a female version of The Daily Lives of High School Boys, with the main cast being girls instead of boys. Every segment is a perfect combination of randomness & hilarity and I really enjoy it :) The over-the-top animation helps add even more impact to the comedy. ^^

mikeb23 mikeb23

This series...This series was pure good comedic fun. Every episode made me question "what the f***!?" while still laughing my ass off. I loved the relationship between the main girls but Hakase and Nano were my favorite BY FAR. In my opinion, this show is what FLCL could have been if FLCL was an actual series and not just 6 episodes. As for this series, I actually cant wait to own it once it comes state side for a reasonable price.

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

At first time Nichijou not got my attention but after accidentally saw short video, I fall in love with Nichijou. Maybe because Nichijou inserted "Selamat pagi" in many Yukko narations, Selamat pagi is Indonesian word in English meaning good Morning. You also will feel proud if heard your native language was used in an anime even just at glance. Unfortunately many people use Selamat pagi for harassing others. Selamat pagi is also Malay word, many Indonesian and Malaysian fighting claiming Selamat pagi as their native language and not others. I don't understand why little thing like this become big deal for them, Indonesian and Malaysian have similiar language, why not just accept it and forget old hostility between both country. Anime should bring happiness to whoever watch it not make them hate others.

randomly--random randomly--random

I'm not a big fan of animes without story and random jokes but then, sometimes, it's just good to watch them. Nichijou striked me after the special episode I watched before the actual series air, Nichijou: Episode 0. My first impression of Nichijou was an exaggerated version of Lucky Star but then, after coming this far, I have to admit that they do have very distinct differences. Anyyway, story-wise, Nichijou keeps up with a per-episode story between the trio, Mio, Yuuko and Mai and Nano, Hakase and Sakamoto. And in between the story that's happening with these characters are random skits about the background characters such as the principal, their sense, the activities of the other clubs, etc.. Also, Nichijou has maintained its level of exaggerated comedy and I definitely like it(: With a lot more episodes to go, I'm certainly not looking for a grand conclusion but just more hilarious episodes ahead :D Character-wise, Nichijou definitely have some good characters, most of them are just plain hilarious in their own ways such as Mai-chan and Yuuko-chan. The two of them never fails to make me laugh every episode. Also, I love the combination of Hakase and Nano :D As for the music, I definitely like it. OP and ED are both definitely fitting for this random comedy type of anime. Also, background music are good, they add mood to the jokes(: Art-wise, it's like a combination of the cute-style of Lucky Star with a touch of old-school drawings. Though despite the old-school drawings, such as Yuuko's reactions, Nichijou's atmosphere still makes it very fitting for this style of art. Overall, Nichijou is a really good random comedy anime and is a good anime to watch for entertainment(: It's recommended for those who love animes without story and mostly filled with random comedy(:

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