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minayuri minayuri

I'm only recognizing the 1993 movie, I'll pretend the TV series doesn't exist...the movie was an excellent work; from the story, animation, music, and etc..., both the sub and dub were well acted and the choices in character voices were finely chosen, especially Emi Shinohara and Wendee Lee as Kagero's voice in Japanese and English respectively. This is one anime I recommend to everyone who wants to see a good action anime with an edgy plot, however please note that there is a sex scene and a scene of attempted rape, yet is more like a graphic sexual assault. Also, the violence is quite graphic as well as it plays out early on in the movie and continues throughout the film. Overall, this is the finest of Yoshiaki Kawajiri's anime movie projects.

t1myah t1myah

The TV series is a tad short compared to others (only 13 eps) and the OVA is superior in my (and many others' i have queried) opinion... but that aside, i still enjoyed my time watching it (the series) and do not regret my purchase.
add a point and a half for the OVA

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I only own the Ninja Scroll OVA (Movie) which is the best. I would assume it's by MADHOUSE due to the graphics, art, and animation. They're always dark and horror-looking. And that's how I love it. It's sad at the end so that's tragic, the ending song is nice too. I recommend this film for those who love Ninjas/Samurais.

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