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banraider banraider

Another nice shoujo manga, my favourite character is Chitoge of course, the storyline of the manga is very nice, I like how it has so many characters that's what's make the show more interesting & enjoyable, & the comedy is really good in this manga, I liked how it ended, though I felt kind of sad for some characters, anyway, it was really fun reading this one.

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

Oh to summarize this series:

Raku! I love you but I won't admit to myself until plot! Chitoge, I love you too but I think I love this boring side chick!! *insert random girls that don't progress the plot at all.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I like the character design and so far it's very funny. Though I'm not really a fan of the harem here, because in reality the only girls that actually matter in terms of being love interests and the story I have gotta say are Chitoge and Kosaki. All the other girls are there, honestly just to be there. While Raku does have a crush on Kosaki it feels like he has to try waay too hard and honestly when it comes to Kosaki they paint Raku in an almost pathetic light, with how desperate he seems to be when it comes to her. Kosaki on the other hand, doesn't necessarily try hard enough; I know she's not super dense, so there's no real excuse for her not to attempt to develop their relationship more; because even though she is super shy and embarrassed about showing her feelings, she should be able to find a balance of showing how she feels without overdoing it and embarrassing both of them. Though I don't care for this particular route. Chitoge, on the other hand, feels like a much more believable relationship for Raku. Because they started out having absolutely no feelings for each other, then over time and getting to know each other better they genuinely have come to like (Chitoge outright realized how she feels about Raku) and care for each other in a way that's not really shown to the same degree as the other girls, including Kosaki. The other girls, while they do bring some comedy, they honestly have NO chemistry with Raku and with the way they try to push them as much as Chitoge and Kosaki, it really just drives home how much that as other "potential" love interests, it's not there. So they are pretty much disregarded in my mind.

The ending felt kinda ending cuz the wedding wasn't shown & the kiss scene wasn't truly shown.

kakashim kakashim

I've been reading the manga, so I wanted to check this out. So far, so good. Honestly, It's nice to see SHAFT doing something different from what they've been doing recently. I don't expect this to be amazing, but nevertheless, I still hope for the better

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