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kuryuki kuryuki

It's so far so good ;D
I think it feels more real than most of the stuff I watched recently.
Hope it keeps it up :D
It's beautiful ;A; short and completed!
definitely worth a watch~ and not many episodes available so it won't take too long :P

MelgyArt MelgyArt

Strange proposition. I'm not sure if y agree or not with the Elyurias. However, I always find interest to question dreams of utopia and it's possible repercussions. It's most fascinating to see how someone imagine the furure, and how today may be consider by the human kind of tomorrow. And Will the distance between the social classes increase or will it be abolished... There is also the predictions about how far will technology be developped and what good or bad it will bring to the society.
* - * - * - * - *

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Interesting plot. I also like the characters. Shion, a smart boy n kinda naive met another boy, Nezumi (means 'Rat') who knows the cruelty of the world. Because of an event, Shion run away from his place n Nezumi helped him. N it begin the adventure of them in the new (not peaceful anymore) world. There r some hint of shounen ai in this anime, makes me grin like crazy. Just simple kiss, though. If I'm not mistaken that scene is on around episode 6. X3

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

After reading the manga chapters out so far, I decided to watch this. The character designs I really like, as to be expected of P.A Works and Bones^^ The city itself is futuristic so that along with the plot itself is interesting. I figured from the get go this anime would turn out to be BL, it gave that vibe off to me. My thoughts started to be confirmed after the first episode, even more so with no room for argument later in the show. But the pacing and plot development is a major problem, because it seems really slow. I'll just have to sit it out and watch up until the end and then maybe it'll all come together. It was nice to see the action pick up again in episode 10, and I'm pretty sure things are shaping up nicely for an interesting conclusion, if a bit of a hurried one. It’s obvious in watching that this was condensed down from a much bigger story, but BONES have managed to give us something quite entertaining and occasionally very impactful. As near as I can tell, Elyurias intentionally delivered Safu into the hands of No. 6, because she was a perfect medium and would allow Elyurias to wipe out the city and reclaim it for nature. The wasps were an experiment No. 6 was conducting on its own citizens as some sort of way to harness Elyurias’ (who appears to be a giant wasp) power, with the help of a supercomputer called “Mother”. Yoming was part of some sort of violent resistance that planned to overthrow the city, but was a casualty when the wasps hatched. Nezumi was shot at least three times and lost twice his own body weight in blood, but because Sion stitched him up he was able to overcome a perfectly healthy Sion and disable him, using a bomb to blow up the correctional facility, which in turn destroyed the city wall. Sion himself was shot in the heart, but when ElyuriaSafu went non-corporeal, she emanated some sort of magic healing dandruff that cured Nezumi’s wounds and resurrected Sion from the dead. Nezumi kissed Sion on the lips again just to remind us this was a bromance, then left for no apparent reason except so the ending would be bittersweet. Did I miss anything? I’ll give BONES credit; it was certainly a breathtakingly fast-paced finale. I was a little disappointed that we never saw the reunion between Sion and Karan or learned the identity of Shion’s baby, and I would have liked to have gotten some sort of indication as to just what No. 6 needed those mountains of people for. And Dogkeeper and Rikiga fleeing together because they “wanted to survive” was pretty anticlimactic. But while the novels might be different, I can’t help but feel like trying to make sense of the No. 6 anime is rather beside the point. It was certainly confusing enough and had just enough metaphysics to be BONES, but in the end it was a pretty unique experience, not quite like anything else they’ve done.

aureawolf aureawolf

What a jewel! From every angle: story, characters, voices, animation, dynamics... Shion and Nezumi grow together, they complete each other, they love each other, they protect each other (they give it a twist to the classical couple of dominant-submissive characters... they do seem to work on an equality-based relationship). Maybe the reason why it wasn't promoted as shounen-ai (although the love is quite evident) it's because this is not about two men in love, but two human beings, two people who care deeply about each other. As if that wasn't enough, there's a strong social-political and ecological discourse, there's alterity, plenty of books, literary references and art. It's impossible no to drop fulminated by such beauty!

Felcie Felcie

Everybody was saying that No. 6 was a must watch if you like shounen-ai... So I did watched it and I have to admit I just loved it! The characters were interesting and I love the plot. They did great in only 11 episodes, if I'm right, and we didn't see that much shounen-ai so I guess everyone can watch it. My only regret would be that I really wanted them to be even closer and, well, one or two more episodes to enjoy it longer would have been great.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Mmm.. what to say.. the story is pretty good, the utopia city with a dark side and the poor realistic world outside of it. This background for the story is rather strong, but I like the most whats happening between the main characters here^_^ Nezumi, the bad boy, who represents the realistic cruel world outside of NO.6 city (but he sings pretty nice^^) and Shion, the good boy, who peacefully lived inside of it. They have had cute scenes together since they first met, but I wasn't expecting them kissing at all haha XD but its not some big romantic deal or yaoi in my eyes. They inspired one another, really cared about one another, changed one another and didn't have to care about what other people think^_^ I think they could ignore the fact they are both boys, cause... it was about loving someone as a person, without sexual background at all. What could be more beautiful?^_^
Overall its a raher short, well told serious story, it has no time to be boring^_^ really worth giving it a try^_^

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

Absolutely amazing. The characters, the plot - oh the plot, I love you long time and your depiction of a dystopian society. This anime ranges from moments of adorableness, "Oh my god, what was that?!", and "holy crap, that was the most intense thing in the universe". However, I wouldn't recommend this anime to anyone who is not fond of Shounen-Ai. While the anime is not marketed as such, a few episodes in, you'll notice the interestingly romantic chemistry between the two main characters. As a big fan of Shounen-Ai, I was more than pleased at the relationship between Shion and Nezumi, but it's not for everyone.
One thing I can complain about? The ending. While it was good and provided a satisfying resolution, the supernatural elements of it didn't mesh perfectly with the technological aspect that was prominent in the entire anime. Not to mention that while the supernatural element was mysterious, it was too mysterious for my tastes. More should've gone into explaining it, so that people who watch it for the first time don't start quirking their eyebrows.

tsuyutsuki tsuyutsuki

Originally started with the manga version, but it was going on too slow. The overall story is good, and there's an interesting plot behind it all, but it all progressed a little too fast. There could be bigger detailing about Eliulias (?), the parasite bees, the organization of No.6 itself and the Forest People. Also, I was quite surprised to see that Bones kept the kiss scene, even though their love was never quite developed throughout the series (trying not to let out too many spoilers here XD).
Overall, a sci-fi anime I enjoyed. Something that doesn't happen all that often.

nakusa nakusa

- Everything I was looking for in an anime... i got it partially with No.6 ♥ (but Shion had to ruin it out/mobbed)

It's such a lovely series ♥... It have a sort of melancholic air... and listening Rokutousei no Yoru by Aimer which is its ending makes everything so saaad to me ;;! Even so I LOVE No. 6 so much ♥!! I could say it's the anime that made me scream the most in so few episodes ( = w =;;; ♥ hahaha/shot. I haven't read its manga yet but i'm planning do that.

* I love Thriller + shounen ai/yaoi/orsomethinglikethat + angst + ♥ I don't know what's wrong with me but things are like this (= w =;;;

No.6 story is possible to me... credibly i meant. The Government absolutely would hide information from us (and it's doing it) ... who know to what extent xD fff i love it ( * - * ) As long as I don't suddenly disappear LOL.

* Anime's art is simple but cute, clean ♥... i rly like it.
Manga's art is also cute and clean... but i think i like the most the anime's one.
Novels art, that i think are the ones scanned and published here :D, are gorgeous, I like that style the most ♥
For a thriller (i think it is) is appropriate imho. It isn't an anime-ish style but more realistic... but obviously not completely realistic at all.

* Rokutousei no Yoru by Aimer = Crying my eyes forever and ever. // Ending theme.
I don't like it that much the opening theme but i think it gives the series a fantastic/futuristic air, that makes sense for me c:
At this point I don't remember very much insidental music orzzz but i'll edit when i remember.

Both of them Nezumi's voice and Shion's voice was to me gorgeous ♥ I personally do not like voices that sounds feigned and i didn't notice that in any of them. Inukashi's voice is also ok for me :D! and also everyone else :DDD

(sorry for bad engurishu :c )

Lamperougegirl Lamperougegirl

Good plot, interesting utopical ideas, social environmet pretty realistic, still Character's design was kinda poor and what made me crazy most of all.... NO YAOI AT ALL!!! Just a f·%"ing kiss!! I wanted to see more T_T

ghost945 ghost945

started with much curiosity but soon fades away. too many clueness events and guess story progressed a bit too fast at times. the two main characters both male... seems a bit into yaoi stuff... yuri is alraight but yaoi traces send shiver to my spine. music great though, gave the tone and the atmosphere. the whole No.6 concept appears to be reflective on a particular country over the Japan Sea.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

A little bit action, a little bit drama, a little bit heroism and a little bit romance, this anime talks about the coming future when there were regions with government's absolute control, and so any one doing something against it(even speaking) would definitely be dealt with.
The story surrounds mainly a 2 boys and there adventure in which they not only try to save the city but at the same time destroy it.

Azh Azh

This is quite a nice anime to watch. With beautiful art and characters design, you won't get bored watching all the bishies.
The story are exceptional too, it's about a peaceful place called No.6 a very surreal town without no fights, no riot and no worries. It seems peaceful but there's people who dislike the town.

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