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Nodame Cantabile is a shoujo romance comedy set at a music university.

When Shinichi Chiaki was little, he traveled the great stages of Europe with his father, absorbing classical music. Although he learned to play piano and violin, his ambition was to one day become a world famous conductor like his mentor, Sebastien Viera.
Now a piano student at Momogaoka University, Chiaki still harbors ambitions of returning to Europe to study conducting under Viera, except for his fear of flying (and traveling by ship.) He turns his frustration into his music. Every at the school is awful, he thinks, until he meets a strange girl named Megumi Noda (Nodame), who is incredibly skilled at piano - and who turns out to be his very messy neighbor. The two don't hit it off, but are forced to take a piano lesson together anyway.
Meanwhile, the clandestine arrival of famous German conductor Franz Von Stresemann sends the school into disarray as Stresemann decides to create his own orchestra consisting of what the school assumes are its misfit students -- and Stresemann taps Chiaki to conduct. Through a series of lessons, mishaps, performances, and trials, Chiaki, Nodame, the students of Stresemann's orchestra and the rest of the school learn more about the classical music they're studying as well as themselves.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Rated: 8

The overall presentation of the anime is thumbs up. The use of CG is not really to my liking, but does not seriously affecting the presentation of the whole anime.

The quirkiness of the characters are sometimes visible in some episodes but once you are concentrated on listening to their orchestra performance you tend to forget about anything. (Well that happened in my case)

Basically, Nodame Cantabile is an interesting story insert with a lot of classical music and also a whole lot dose of comedic scenes which will make you laugh your heart out.

I really enjoyed Nodame Cantabile in overall, but I was really disappointed at the fact that they would not be able to continue the 2nd season due to the lack of budget. I am really looking forward to the next season no matter what.

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Member Opinions

renlilica renlilica

This is one heck of a funny anime Nodame's character is one weird and fun character and the way she shouts "Kyabo!!" is really fun to hear and adds to her charm. The music they play there is really nice especially the piano solos their enchanting. The story altogether is somewhat good, but could've been much better.

PrincessKou PrincessKou

One of the best animes ever! I am completely in love with it. Chiaki and Nodame are one of my favourites couples, their love is amazing; the way that Chiaki is always denying his love for Nodame but he lets us see how much in love he is. He es sweet and cute, every girl's blue prince and she is the heorine which every girl wants to be. This story is just perfect.

singlemoon singlemoon

I haven't saw the finale or the Paris arc (if I'm not mistaken), but I think the anime was really fun to watch.
Even thou Megumi usually screw things up, I can't help but love her for that. She is such a weird person and her love for Chiaki is too much, no wonder Chiaki wished to broke up with her (saw the trailer for Finale). I don't think I'll be able to handle someone like Megumi.
So, about the story? Well, I think it's pretty interesting, a girl who couldn't read music score, yet she can play(with some mistake along the way) piano. That's new for me, cause I couldn't read music score, but I listen and sing, really troublesome. The art is moderate, but still, most of the male characters looks 'kakoi' to me. :D

scribbledclef scribbledclef

Though not many may agree, in my opinion, this is the best anime ever. It's clean and contains some useful stuff and lessons. It made me like classical music even more and it even made me want to go to Paris!

fireflywishes fireflywishes

I have only seen the jdrama, but I LOVED it. I didn't think I would at first because it was about a music school, but it had such a great cast! And the orchestra did a great job on each of the pieces that they played. I didn't really care for Chiaki's conducting, but Nodame's antics were great! I loved how they were able to create an anime-ish feeling to the drama. ^_^


wow... it was so funny i couldnt stop laughing... also it does hav its sweet moments and times wen ur mad at the characters but its absolutely never boring =] i <3 nodame shes so weird! haha and plus u get to hear excellent classical music :)

raflesia raflesia

I've seen all three series, but I have not done a comparison with the manga ... I must say that I liked very much, Nodame is a really crazy and interesting character, and even Chiaki Senpai .... and the music is wonderful, no need to comment .. to be an anime for music lovers, with a difficult subject, I think is very successful^^

Nubes Nubes

extremely good! but what happens when u see an anime with a certain theme??? U become like... i dont know!! but that's what motivates me to learn new things... The music that is played in this piece is just gives u goosebumps--- excellent!

orenji orenji

Entertaining, very very funny... and a great piece of classical music, but the animation isn't so excellent, a lot of close-up only sequences without any movement.
After seeing the sequels i raised my rating :) paris to finale are so brilliantly animated with so much movement of performers! every single classical music and anime fan would be raised into 7th heaven but still i have no health for romance... music only is fine for me ;p
yet it was fun with nodame, i'm eager to seeing more anime like this

so, minna, watch it carefully with your eyes closed from time to time kudasai >____< mukia!

Altador1234 Altador1234

Well, Nodame Cantabile's definitely in my favorites list.
This anime definitely made me in love with classical music all over again. It inspired me to take piano lessons again. For any classical music fan, this is definitely a must-read/must-see!

archangel12345 archangel12345

Characterization is good. The storyline is acceptable, what unpleasant is that the end comes in a sudden.
The music is great, although the music recording may not being performed by world class performers, they still worth listening to.
Some depictions on music are great, the erotic conductor taught Nodame to 'not only catch the emotion of yours , but should also listen to what the the composers want to say'


It was too different than what I've been watching recently. Loved it, it was really very soothing and loved all the character, every character had a rhythm of their own. It had a certain feel of drive towards dreams whatever that was. Awesome.

PinkPrincessLacus PinkPrincessLacus

I was introduced to this series by my boyfriend. I don't watch a slice of life animes much, and this was sort of like that. It's funny, entertaining, witty, and romantic! I would like for the main guy to be nicer but whatever, Nodame is such a original character. This series is a great one!


very sweet and funny and musical. reminded me of how good classical music are... started to practice harder on my violin at home and at school. lol. chiaki and nodame are so cute 2gether. luv them~ i'm so happy a third season's coming soon.. soon...

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