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Harakiri's Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e Tv Review

Rated: 9

The presentation is the only thing that could have been done a bit better. The action scences and the science-fiction plot leave you breathless and the dramatic scences are very touching but I sometimes felt that some happy episodes in the middle could have been left out because they detract a bit from that work`s splendour. It is not that I don`t like happy episodes but they come at times when you want the science-fiction plot to go on.

All in all Noein is a series for all people who grew tired from those ordinary anime with cute girls. If you want to see a dramatic science-fiction masterpiece (without mechs) then Noein is for you.

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Member Opinions

Raffachan Raffachan

Really particular serie...at the beginning I don't like the charcter design, but when I get used to it, I started to enjoy the story, too.
It's a little complicated, but really particular and interisting to watch!

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Unusual somehow. The plot is nice and interesting. The main female protagonist is likeable and well drawn. Overall its a great show, a little different from what you see everyday. Btw I don't like much the theory of parallel worlds, but I'm fine with timetravels. You could build a really good and surprising story on these.

kamijojieun kamijojieun

If Gundam 00 is my favorite anime, this "Noein" is the anime that influenced me mostly.
This anime...was a litlle bit difficult for me to watch since it had many scientific words or concepts....
But, I really liked the characters in this anime...
And I reallly like the setting that there are lots and lots of same world as mine......
(or whatever...I can't remember it clearly...maybe I should repeat it after my school exam....)
My favorite character here is Karasu, and he is GREAT~!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this anime so much, I've watched it nearly four times. It's very plot-oriented while still focusing on the personalities of the characters and their own wants and fears, without having too much or too little of either. I also love the animation - it can sometimes be kind of sketchy and low-quality, but at others very sophisticated and smooth. I can't tell you how much I love Karasu and Atori. My only complaint is the script + voices in the english dub. Haruka's voice actor tends to be kind of 'meh' when reading the script, and is even annoying sometimes. Other voices bothered me a bit as well, but they weren't horrible. All in all, this anime is fascinating and very entertaining.

Onikami Onikami

This one really had a unique feel to it, and the animation had a unique feel to it as well. I mean unique in a good way, though I can't quite explain it right. The story really caught my attention as it was very original. The characters were well done & I tip my hat to the story writers. They really knew how to keep me on my toes, the only downside in my opinion was a lack of fighting scenes. Though it did have some I feel they could have given us a little more. Although now I feel a little greedy. XD

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