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Weskalia's Noir Tv Review

Rated: 9

First in line of Bee Train's independent girls-with-guns project, Noir was a bit late of its time since the genre has been well-established before it first aired in 2001, but it was a big success for the studio that it was eventually followed by two spiritual successors. Its early blend of everyday life, light character development, and the occasional cool action typifies the girls-with-guns genre. But while the anime could get by on with that premise, it was an elegant tale about human nature that makes it stand out. In the process it offers an alternate meaning to the series' title and shows a superior example of a duo worth caring about, and the result is splendidly beautiful.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

The series was quite good with a truly intriguing and mysterious story surrounding the principal cast(Mirielle, Kirika, Chloe, and Althena), while an enjoyable anime to watch, the violence felt watered down with the lack of bloodshed everytime a character killed someone, which would've made the series more realistic and given a higher score. So if you're looking for a violent girls with guns series, search elsewhere with a series like Black Lagoon with Revy and Eda action, but if you prefer story and character driven anime, then Noir is maybe your cup of tea. There are shoujo-ai themes to be aware of as well, so if you're not into that, then Noir is not for you.


I love the story and soundtrack, and everything else is at least passable (I don't care about the action scenes). This is another one I acquired mainly due to an AMV (same Otakon), and I somehow have one of the top Netflix reviews for it.


Well what to say about these one, slow but interesting begining, an stuning ending, i really enjoy it, weird, but I think the best part is that violence is keep in a psycological way and not too explicit, in these particular anime it work perfect


A better than average Series with a plot line that was begging for a little more than what it was getting. With a slight Yuri feel to it, it made for some interesting scenes. The way the whole thing ended was pretty good, but left a few things up in the air for me.

Does this mean a second one? I hope so, but not holding my breath for it.

pockychaser pockychaser

The first of Bee Train's Girls With Guns trilogy, and definitely a keeper. This one'll make you think. It has all the hallmarks of a great series: Great art, great music, and great plot. It's actually been a few years since I last saw it all (which kind of boggles my mind when I stop to think about it), so I'll definitely have to rewatch it to get the details fresh in my head again.


Noir is not so black as many might expect. But the music and the endless drama of the past of this ladies actually covers their hole future. To feel envolved with professional killers is priceless. I saw this anime because I heard the music first, so probably it is a good way to go.

B4K4 B4K4

The story is absolutely great and the characters are what make the story work so wonderfully. The artwork is also awesome, but the story and characters are what makes this anime so exceptional and when you add Kajiura Yuki's music to it, you know it can't be anywhere near bad!

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