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shawn2death shawn2death

Genre suits me well.
Overall nice drawing.
Interesting concept and storyline.
Great storyline and action.

Collecting the original manga until the latest episode.
Down side is, the old Japanese language is quite difficult for me ww


I don't like how Japanese bring "God" into everything, so if I see the anime in a point of a view that all characters are human beings I like it. The story is fine, character design is good, and I liked the comedy and romance in it <3
Too bad it's just 12 episode

angelxxuan angelxxuan

an adorable anime, I watched the subbed version, so if there's a dub version I didn't obtain it, I actually enjoyed the girls' voices, not annoying at all ! got some ecchi, sadly too much has ecchi, it's the over done or disgusting ecchi that I have no interest in. it's not over done, but it's placed properly enough. I would say this is in the mid teen section, this probably isn't something you haven't encountered in some hollywood teen rated movie and some more recent Disney films. over all, not a bad series, short and has the typical climax and then finishing, another season could possibly dull it down some.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Watched the anime and also reading the manga. The character look pretty good. For a first season they adapted the manga nicely. Yukine does act like a brat with waay too much attitude for the first half of the anime & manga. I mean I get that he's young so some of this immaturity and acting out is to be expected. But he's knowingly doing things that are harming others, mainly Yato. Don't get me wrong Yukine isn't stupid; he just doesn't seem to care. And that attitude made it really hard to be sympathetic with his character. It was really something to see Daikoku going around to different shrines looking for one more Shinki so that he could help Yato.

Though at a certain point in the manga & anime they do turn Yukine's character around; which I'm very happy about. So while it was hard to stand his attitude in the first part of the series, he did get better. God Ch. 19 of the manga...he's definitely not the same selfish, uncaring brat as he was in the beginning.

I'm hoping and thinking that there will be a second season because Nora did mention "father" in the last episode. If that hint is any indication I'll definitely be waiting and looking forward to it. But for now, I enjoyed the anime and am really liking the manga ^^

Suxinn Suxinn

/anime & manga/ Bones really outdid themselves with the anime adaptation of this. It was absolutely wonderful, with some of the most creative aesthetics in anime I've seen in a long time. While not an entirely faithful adaptation, it certainly was a well-thought out one.

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