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Deedles' Nurse Witch Komugi Tv Review

Rated: 9

This is certainly a very very funny and charming series. NWK is very much like "Excel Saga" in that it parodies a lot of other animes including some of the previous work that the same animation studio has done. It is nice to see that the studio can poke fun at their past work! Although it is in the same vein as Excel with its quirky humor, bi-polar heroine and silly sense of humor,, it is still really original. There are a lot of hidden things to watch for, some obvious and some are more obscure. It has a high re-watchability and I always seem to catch something new every time I watch it.
There are a lot of jokes about Komugi's flat chest and about MugiMaru being a pervert (since he always seem to be in the bathroom when Komugi is taking a bath), but its all done tastefully.

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