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Tagged under Source Materials.

Art released online officially by mangaka or studios. Official digital art should not have any artifacts.
Not to be confused with game event CGs or Official Wallpapers. Usually favor digital quality over scan quality.

Tip: for convenience, use the alias "OFFD" when adding this tag to images.
See also: 3D Art, Video Game Cover.

- Images like 320690 will be tagged with Official Digital Art, while game scenes (like 677734) will be tagged with Game CG.
- Poor quality images from Social Media will be deleted. E.g: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
- JPEG Artifacts, Upscaling, and Choppy Edges are not acceptable.
- Only high quality digital artworks will be permitted.

Digital artworks must not be from those resources:
- DeviantArt
- Artist/Mangaka's personal websites
- Doujinshi/Fanart CG's
- Screenshots

Official Digital Art Scans

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More Scans »

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