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Okane Ga Nai is a story that asks the simple question: if someone dear to you was in debt, just what would you do to pay it back? Ayase Yukiya, in order to pay off his dear cousin's debt, sold his body at an action for well over $120 mil.
And who bought him?
Somoku Kanou, a man that runs a huge (and rather rich) company and buys Ayase, seemingly familiar with the young man. But now that means Ayase is indebted to Kanou and knows no way to pay for it. Kanou offers a way: everytime Ayase sleeps with him, he'll take off a chunk of the debt owed to him. At first it's horrible to Ayase and the thought of sleeping with a man scares him to no end, but as the pair shares, their love grows and soon blossoms into something else...

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