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Kamishiru Maiku knows nothing of his past - his only clue is a photo of two young children playing in a pool in front of a house. In an attempt to find out about his family, he moves into the house in the picture and works as a programmer while going to school. Then, on one day, two girls show up at his front door, both claiming to be his twin, and both in possession of an identical photograph. This leaves Maiku with little option but to let both stay with him until they discover the truth.

Written by shadowfoxza

Also see Onegai Teacher.

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Adventshadow's Onegai Twins Tv Review

Rated: 9

Like i mentioned earlier, I don't know about that many animes, so I don't know if there is another anime with a story like this. So for me, I think the story for this anime was pretty original. It doesn't use the childhood friend technique or anything. The complications that stretch the story don't distract from the basic storyline much, but like almost all animes the big stuff doesn't happen until the end.

Humor - some parts had me laughing out loud, at the worst of times. The first time I watched it, I got hooked and kept watching until past 3 a.m. laughing out loud at that time isn't a good idea. Most parts, though, will probably just leave you with a small grin or short "heh".

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Member Opinions


After seeing the 1st episode I took an interest in this anime to see if they can develop it in a good twist.But,alas! it was through out lame & waste of time.may be the worst was the incest part where brother & sister kisses(!)...."Onegai Sensei" was far better.

ghost945 ghost945

plot slightly more rational than previous onegai teacher. at least purpose of all our mains are clear and worked hard to find out. characters from OT became side-kicks or supportive characters good concept. helped audience to familiarise themselves and less effort to re-know characters. seiyuu for the two main girls memorable. songs high standard works.

Wraith Wraith

The characters are likable and all but I thought the story was a little lame. The art was good and well drawn through out the series not like some I've seen that seen to degrade as the series goes on.

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