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I'm following both One's and also Murata's redrawn manga and I'm loving them very much!

I love the comic timing of both Saitama and Genos (also Sonic, Fang, and almost everyone lol). Love how they break the serious mode xD

I also hope Madhouse bring out season 2 soon, the wait is killing me!

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Saitama makes this manga hilarious. ^^ Murata draws beautifully, such detail. Genos is cool when he wants to be; though in truth he seems to be more of Saitama's disciple/babysitter with it leaning more towards the latter. xD The cast of characters is pretty big and their all very unique in their own way. Garou so far is shown as a complete BEAST. Makes me wonder if he and Saitama fought, would Garou give Saitama a real fight?

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