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RaitoTheReaper RaitoTheReaper

A very sweet and heartwarming series about the power of friendship, teamwork, and determination. I really enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other, along with the really nice animation. The only thing that displeased me with this series in particular was the episode pacing.

Azh Azh

I love how the characters have different kinds of quirk and personalities. It's always fun to watch them just talking and teasing each other. The baseball game is oddly informative and real. Other sports anime would reach Koshien by the end of 2nd Season XDD

All in All this is a must watch sports anime.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Well, anime about sport are usually awesome, and that includes this anime. Thou the main character wouldn't make such a big appeal to male viewers. xD
Every time Mihashi's Team playing against other school, they looks as if they're going to lose and that makes me nervous. It also had humour and moral value so it's highly recommended for everyone. :D

Elves Elves

Forget the baseball, Big Windup is character driven to the max! Each team member has a unique personality and relationship with everyone else. The struggles and breakthroughs each character has will make you feel like it's your own. One can easily connect with anyone on the team and Mihashi and Abe's friendship is awesome. And you can't forget Tajima's wonderful outgoing personality!

odelya odelya

It's not as bad as I had originally thought it would've been. I can't wait for season two, which is rare (as the sport of baseball itself bores me a bit). And although I'm not a huge Mihashi fan, I think Tajima and Hanai makes it all worth while for me to keep up with the next season.

hikaruizumi hikaruizumi

I really love this series,ya!i do!i falling in love with abe-kun 4 da firstime i watch this anime*chuckles* n mihashi really funny guy "Ren,ren!!Go!GO!" XD.Really enjoy watch 'Big Windup" even the genre is about sport n little bit BL there muahaha..

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