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Member Opinions


This is a series that really caught me by surprise. I never expected to end up so attached to the characters, I didn't expect to feel as if I were there experiencing what they were. This has quickly become one of my top-most favorite anime series. It was very down-to-earth but even though it was it was very enjoyable to watch. It was funny, it had it's moments of suspense and it had the times where you wish you could do something, anything, for one or more of the characters. You may also experience some anger, some hate towards some of the characters as I found myself doing by the end of the series but it just goes to show that it was doing something right to get those kinds of emotions out of me in the first place. I only have two more epi from the time of writing this and will make any necessary changes to it before submitting it as a review.


I like this anime. I have watch in in the first time and I don't know the reason but I keep watching it until I've finished it. It makes me happy by just watching it. It enlightens my mood and some episodes makes me laugh but some episodes also makes me irritated. The later episodes is weird, but the ending is just fine. In over all it is a good series. That's all.

mikeb23 mikeb23

This along with K-on! is just another anime you can watch and get a good laugh out of it. I enjoyed this series from beginning to end mostly because of Kirino (Female Protagonist) who reminds me of Harui Suzumiya and that Kyousuke (male protagonist) is equivalent to Kyon. The story is simple, easy to follow and is light hearted throughout the entirety. Depending on who you've been routing for in this harem you may or may not be disappointed by the ending choice of Kyousuke in the second season. I, for the record, was contempt with the choice :D

renlilica renlilica

I wasn't really expecting much from this anime just watched it to kill my boredom but it was more than killing my boredom. If you cherish your relationship with you're sister especially your lil' sis then you'll find this anime cool. This anime is very informative regarding otakus and the social stigma they have to face especially in Japan, but I didn't expect that all otaku to like and support homosexuality and incest lovers which I'm totally against.

espada357 espada357

I can't believe I actually finished this show. It felt like it was just a chain of events that kept repeating themselves over and over. I wish that Manami and Kyousuke would've broken the barrier of friendship a little bit. It was a pretty good one though.

ghost945 ghost945

plot is rather unexpected. parts of story actually matched what happened to its original novel development. main female character being developed quite a bit throughout. would like to see others being developed especially black cat and buddy. they show lots of promising stories interaction with male lead. seiyuu all solid performance. great stuff. only weak voices are the friends of imouto. hope there's a second season to it when more relationships being developed. aware there's new episode out after season 1. great stuff again which brings in akagi sister.

TsuruyaSonozaki TsuruyaSonozaki

This is one of the best animes I've seen. It's one of my absolute favorites now. Kirino is now one of my favorite characters, I absolutely LOVE her! I think she's adorable <333 I'm planning to rewatch it. I'm excited for it to come out on dvd, because I'll definately be getting at least the first volume! *O* I love it. KIRINOOOO~!! >W< <3333

e1ectric e1ectric

Funny. Surprisingly good for having a plot line bordering on a breaking one of my rules on acceptable plot lines. The characters are decently well developed and the character designs are outstanding. My favorite character was Kirino, but then episode 6 happened and out of the blue Oj?chan rocketed into first place, leaving Kirino in a close second.

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