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    Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

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I'm never really a fan of panchira-ecchi animes but then, OreTsubasa just practically caught my attention. Story-wise, the first episodes were practically confusing. Seriously. I was just able to understand the whole changing of personality (or whatever it should be called) by around episode 5 though if you think about it carefully, it really is a wonder why this character is always shown during the afternoon and this character is only shown during evening. Anyway, the construction of the story is pretty weak and not intriguing part only comes every ones in a while that's why this anime isn't really something that calls for attention unless you're a fan of panchira shots though I have to admit that the plot itself was kind of interesting. As for the conclusion, it was seriously weak. Not that it's bad or anything but, everything was just so sudden. I mean, last thing I know, they were changing places in Haneda-kun body next thing I know, the reason was suddenly revealed as to why he was changing personality. What I'm trying to say is that, they just made a conclusion without giving any clues at all as to what really is the problem. Character-wise, each hero is very distinct, Haneda being the silent guy and who owns the body at morning and goes to school, then there's this perverted orange-haired guy, Shusuke who works at Alexander and writes for a magazine and finally, Narita is so-called violent guy who knows many people in gangs and sometimes he, himself gets involve in them despite that, he's a really nice guy. Anyway, as for the heroines, they are practically standard and not really that interesting. As for the music, BGM is good though it's quite typical. As for the OP and ED, they weren't really my type but they fit the theme of the story quite well(: Also the OP and is very much compatible with the anime itself. As for the seiyuu, I have to give credits to Miura, Hiroaki for doing a great job with Shusuke. I really like his upbeat talking, it's kind of entertaining :D As for Narita's seiyuu, Suwabe, Junichi, I seriously didn't like his voice. I personally think that it was too deep that during the first episode, I seriously laugh when I heard his voice. Another seiyuu that caught my attention here is my favorite, Sugita, Tomokazu as DJ Condor, that big somehow robotic narrator at the beginning of each episode. Other than that, I don't really have much complaints. Art-wise, at first, I seriously got irritated and said that it was really poor. But then, I somehow think that I just got used to it that it seems kind of good for me. If you're asking, panchira-shots were good, though I'm not that certain about it since I'm not really into them. Anyway, the only thing I hate about the drawings are the people involve with Narita. I don understand that they are the "gang" people but why do they have to look so unpleasant? Seriously. Overall, OreTsubasa had the interesting plot but poor execution. Though if you'd like to see panchira-shots, I'd recommend this anime :D

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