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Story 1: to avoid the division of their kingdom, the two most important families adopt one son from each other: if one were to betray the alliance, its son would be killed. As the second son, Renge volunteers to go live with the other family in order for his older brother to be at peace. When he arrives, he is rudely greeted by Ouga, the tyrannical first son, who proceeds to cut Renge's hair with his sword in front of the entire court. Outraged, Renge threatens to leave but ends up staying after being threatened with a war. He later finds out Ouga is quick to use the death penalty when someone disagrees with him, so why is he treating Renge differently when they're alone?

Story 2: focuses on the relationship between Homura and Airi, the third and sixth sons of Ouga's family. Ever since they were kids, Homura has been very protective of Airi, fearing that Airi's illness would lead to his death; now they're lovers, but only kiss. And one night, Airi shows he wants more than just kisses...

Story 3: prince Yuuri is tired of the stressful court life and runs away from home, but accidentally bumps into a handsome stranger on the street just as the guards are gaining in on him. The stranger then apologizes and shields Yuuri from them by...kissing him! Yuuri runs off and hides between a few barrels, where he falls asleep; next thing he knows, he's on a pirate ship and the captain is none other than Kuuron, who just happens to be the stranger from before!

The series is, in order:
1. Ousama Game (King Game)
2. Oujisama Game (Prince Game)
3. Kaizoku Game (Pirate Game)

Credit: pandemonium91

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  • Ousama Game

    Ousama Game

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