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happytail73 happytail73

I'm quite anticipating for this one but its visuals were quite a turn down for me. The animation was flawlessly good but the background utilizes this old school style of animes in the 80's or 90's which seems like an old computer program was used. The color palettes were very limited and not even a single 3D CG graphics were used which greatly contrast its smooth animation. The sound and the voice acting were very good, it sets the mood at the right moments and movements. The story is just a general epidemic virus spreading throughout the world plot line where children under 13 are unaffected and out for those survivors emerged a hero which would suffer in saving the world from chaos and destruction with antagonistic invading vampires as side dish. So, how cliched and common is that? XD
Overall, it gives off the feeling of nostalgia and being retro, I think those people who enjoy the golden age of animes would be glad to watch this one.

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