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The series takes place in 2113, where the mental state, personal tendencies, and every inclination of a human can be instantly measured and quantified into numbers and thusly measuring a person's criminal tendency factor. These measured numbers used to judge peoples' souls are often called 'Psycho-Pass'.

Tsunemori Akane is the new Inspector recently assigned to Unit one of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. This is the story of this team of policemen dedicated to maintaining public order in such a world.

Credit: Hyouna

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Member Opinions

Alenas Alenas

Kougami~ <3

That aside, the show was actually one of the best shows of the season and one of the rare ones I actually deemed worth watching that had no pointless crotch/boob/panties shots. Interesting premise, reminiscent of '1984' and 'Minority Report' with interesting characters, awesome animation and a very good OST. The ending could've been less predictable and anticlimactic but overall, one of better ones I've seen in a while.

pikachu36 pikachu36

Really intresting serious and had some dark death scenes in it. Not a bad series over all. I deff like season 1 better. Kind of wanted to see a love interest in it, but it didn't really show one. Over all the art was nice and easy on the eyes, some things had such detail I felt as if they were real lol. Stil for some reason I get a vibe as if I was watching a spin off of Ghost In the Shell.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

A series I was anticipating. The character design and animation are nice. Shinya and Shougo are cool in their respective ways. Akane was very naive for a bit more than the first half of the series. Reality is harsh but that's how some things are and that's a lesson she'll have to learn and it was to see she was starting to wise up during the second half. How it ended I expected I just wish things went different for Shinya. What ended up happening to Masaomi was sad.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Fabulous! I really haven't marathoned an anime series like this in years. Aspects of all my favorite dystopian novels in one-- Minority Report, I, Robot, and Brave New World. Second season kinda fell by the wayside... Too many annoying characters.


This anime was really great but, there were just some annoying things the main character did such as; let her friend die because of her "principles" or (insert many other stupid things she did because of "principles" that even she questioned. A lot of decisions were bad because it felt like they just NEEDED that to happen in the anime so they gave it a bad explanation or reason. Other wise it was a great anime I'm only critical about my favorite animes.

Aliceblond Aliceblond

This anime was the most expected for me among other autumn-started ongoings.
As I'm currently watchching it, not much can be said already. But up to this point I still find PSYCHO-PASS good enough and meeting my expectations. ^^ Its graphics and its music are totally great. The story seems well planned and to this point I can't see any contradictions and/or illogical thigs about the plot.
I hope that PSYCHO-PASS will keep it up.
The only thing that I personally find a bit disappointing is the detective part of this story. All crimes are too obvious, even if connected by the mastermind. I wish there were some more investigation beacause I like to figure the culprits out myself.
And undoubtedly this anime is not suited for children because it has quite a lot of terryfing moments like dissambled corpses etc. Even I myself, a grown-up, sometimes feel uneasy because of these things. This story can easily make someone's psycho-pass too cloudy. XD
But it is really worth watching.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

artwork alone is the only reason why it got this rating, the plot reminds me of 1984 and a bit of indoctrination. maybe when I reach that point when I have nothing better to do I'll bother with episode 2 and beyond, since I read the spoilers that's good enough for me.

Suxinn Suxinn

/anime/ I love this. It was basically everything I wanted from an anime with this premise: great character development, well-developed plot, and a nicely wrapped up ending. It was just a wonderful experience, and I can't wait for the second season.


This anime is my 2012's unexpected nice surprise. The animation is great, Akira Amano's character design is superb and I especially love the irony of Makishima Shogo's choice weapon - an old fashioned shaving knife (despite the futuristic setting when even guns are an antiquity). I also like it that by episode 17, I sort of started to understand Makishima's reasons although I've been hating his guts right off the bat (but I still think he's evil). And yes, I would watch the sequel if they ever decided to make one.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

One of the best animes I've watched this year (and last). The story is great although a little bit cliché but it makes you want to keep watching. What I liked the most was the antagonist Shogo Makishima, he's not your regular "I want to conquer the world" kind of dumb villain. There's depth to the characters and the development of the story is pretty interesting. The music was also great: EGOIST and Nothing's Carved in Stone. It's not for sure, but the ending suggests that there will be a second season of this anime, so I'm looking forward to it.

kuryuki kuryuki

I really really love this *w*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not my usual genre, but the art attracted me to it at first <3
and the story is great *w* love the suspense and setting!!!!
one of the animes i look forward to the most this season definitely :DD!!!


I just really adore this anime. The character development and the story all the more. Kougami and Ginoza are my favourite so far, but I really dislike Akane. The naivety of her is something unacceptable for a woman her age. Shougo seems like a really interesting character as well, I look forward to seeing more of him and all the others.

ray-slifer ray-slifer

How I've been waiting for this kind of anime to show up! From the first to the current episode, this anime certainly does know how to spoil me so. With the Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn's Amano Akira's character designs and the all-so-totally-serious plot, really lit up my expectations and kept me captive all the way. This is the kind of anime that gets you really riled up, especially the bishies, Shogo and Shinya who are very eye catching. Graphic setting, voice actors and the music are also something to enjoy.

Since this is the kind of anime that tends to show a lot of grotesque scenes it is highly not recommended for kids. Like seriously, the corpses and the killings almost looked so surreal that I have goosebumps all over. I really have mixed feelings between both the protagonist (Shinya) and antagonist (Shogo). It's like I want more and less of them now. You'll get what I mean once you watch it if you hadn't. Anyway, great story, awesome artist and beautiful characters! Hopefully they progress more throughout the series and hopefully my personal ratings won't have to go down once it ends.


The first episode gets you totally captivated. I've seen 3 episodes so far, but the series already has me hooked. The pace can go from exciting to really passive. Still, it's a good series as far as I'm concerned. What I like about it as a whole is the concept of being able to read into a person's psych just by holding him in gun-point. At first, it seems like a totally flawless system but when you see that the people who are supposed to implement it struggle, you also begin to question the system as a whole. Also, the enforcers are pretty interesting in their own rights, especially Kougami and Kagari, since they're the first ones to get a bit of their pasts exposed.

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