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Krelric's Paradise Kiss Tv Review

Rated: 10

The presentation is down right fabulous. From the characters designs to the feelings each one of them conveys in the viewer, everything is just amazing. It has its funny parts, as well as the general angst of life. The situations of the different characters, and how they all resolve them (or run from them in certain cases) makes the viewer think this is a plausible story. The irony of life is present during the whole story; how even if you expect something and are almost sure it will be that way, sometimes, life tricks you and it turns out completely different.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

It was an alright anime, sure it had actual physical relationships between the series' couples (George/Yukari & Arashi/Miwako); the things that I felt were needed to make it more solid was character development for Arashi and Miwako too as far as their story is concerned and needed more focus, most of it was centered on George and Yukari. At times I felt the SD sequences that were peppered in were unnecessary, it made the series feel juvenile for something meant to be a josei. Tokumori basically didn't have the development as a character he needed in the anime as the manga had given him. I wasn't fond of the actress' performance who voiced Yukari in the Japanese dub, her voice didn't suit the character and using an actress who is a seiyuu by trade could've done a better job.

PrincessKou PrincessKou

This is one of my favourites. It can make you laught and cry. Yukari and George's relationship is so beautiful that makes the final separation hurts. Every girl wants a gentleman like him, He is so romantic and spontaneous that it is very easy to fall in love with him. He is without doubt the man with whom any girl would want to be with.

Glukogen Glukogen

The first positive feature of this story - it is not sprawling. Secondly it tells about the life of novice designers (I love everything that concerns people of creative professions). Also I really liked the style of drawing, in which the movie made.
Maybe someone will upset the ending - but it's true that first love is most often with a touch of sadness

ilufa ilufa

Despite the animation lacks quality (in my opinion), I loved the plot. In fact this is the only Ai Yazawa anime that I actually saw till the end. It only have 12 episodes but after see the anime I read the manga. They are very similar but some details are better explained at the manga.
I love Yukari's development through the series. How her world changed after meeting George and the others, the new life she buit.
The OP and END themes are really good. I always whatched the credits till the end.


What's not to love from this anime?
None, except that they aren't together :)
Nevertheless, beautiful story, costumes, soundtrack, characters, etc...

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fireflywishes fireflywishes

Good series as to be expected from Ai Yazawa. I like how this is a "continuation" of Gokinjo Monogatari, of sorts... though some of the fashion stuff went a little over my head. I think that some of the characters would have benefited from some character development-- Isabella for instance.

ai-yame ai-yame

After watching ParaKiss, I was like, "Cliffhanger! Second season please!". But don't get me wrong, this series really did entertain me -- from the catchy opening and ending songs, to the exquisite-looking clothes, to wonderfully colorful characters, and the original art. The ending was quite disappointing, but on second thought, maybe that's just how it is in life sometimes -- it can be as vague as the ending.

kyo-tohru-1985 kyo-tohru-1985

Really good anime, George reminds me of my ex-boyfriend and I am like the girl that loved him. It would have been nice if her and George stayed together. Love the opening song and ending song, I listen to it all the time.


Such a brilliant story with top notch art for both versions. The anime stays very close to the manga. Most people complain about the ending for this series but I thought it was one of the most brilliant endings to a series ever. Anyone looking for a mature shoujo series with great art and deep characters should give this a try. The characters all of goals and career ambitions outside of there romantic melodramas, which really helps set this series apart from many other romances.


i love this anime *-*
I really like, now it's one of my favorits. the history, the ost, characters, everything is cool. George and Caroline are so cute *-* and George is so great ;o, he's smart, polite and handsome.
the opening it's addictive, paradise kiss is amazing.

Nubes Nubes

my goddess... i could have expected more from the creator of sensation Nana... but my hopes all dried when i started seen this series... This kinda doesnt has deveploment, all themes are all throw at u like u were a professional pitcher... I only have seen 5 chapters and i dont think the finals could get any better... maybe i should try read the manga, becuz i must say the art is extremely beautiful, but i dont recommend this as a must wanna see.

vitaamin vitaamin

Paradise Kiss is one of the few animes that deserve to be described as flawless. From the beautiful animation, to the heart-warming story, this series executes its purpose with effortless perfection.

Straddling between elements of realism and dream-like extravagance, Paradise Kiss pulls its viewer's into the life of a high school girl turned model. Although the premise may at first seem contrived, the storytelling transforms every girl's dream into a story of escaping routine and finding happiness.

For anyone and everyone who has ever felt trapped the routine boredom of everyday life, Yukari's feelings echo the secret wish to run away. Coupled with oddball characters, this normal high school student finds her own definition of living her life.

It's hard for me to rate any aspect of this show below a 10--from the fantastic animation and great voice acting to the masterful storytelling, Paradise Kiss is perfect. If you liked Nana, you'll love this short from Ai Yazawa.

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