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Don't be paranoid, or Shounen Bat will get you!

The peace was disturbed as numerous attacks on people have been made in Tokyo. All the witnesses say they all saw the same thing - what appeared to be an elementary school boy with a bent bat and rollerblades. The first victim is Tsukiko Sagi, the creator of the famous character Maromi. When the police interview her, Shounen Bat (or Lil' Slugger) seems like something she made up. But as more and more people say they saw the same person attacking them, the police are starting to believe. Little do the detectives investigating the case know what they have just gotten themselves into.

One by one more people are attacked, and time is running out. Can the detectives Mitsuhiro and Karino solve the case before it is too late?!

Credits: daos

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LightFykki's Paranoia Agent Tv Review

Rated: 8

Presentation of this anime is also pretty much like I explained about the story. Story itself is hardly expressing and this one too.
But there are some things that I want to point out. You see, the whole story moves around that Shounen Bat, but who is he actually and what is his purpose? Will they actually catch him and what is the meaning behind all that illusion? That is what you will be discovering in the whole twelve episodes that this anime has to offer.

Sometimes things may seem different, like funny. Yes, this anime is yet death serious, but also it has some funny episodes. Funny if you take it, some might take it as just randomly weird. Everyone will have different opinion on this, it is just not something that you can take and watch freely. You have to think from it.

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Member Opinions


This anime is very different from others I can't really understand it at all in the beginning and it makes my mind blow and think deep, but when I rewatched it I think I can understand it a bit. It is VERY UNIQUE, not for a whole entertainment I think ?. It is not focus on a one story, it has a different story in every episode, but it is connected in one way, connected by the shounen bat. I think this series wants to show us the cruel life that no one knows that something like that can happen. That there are people who are facing a harsh way of life. In overall this anime is good enough for me, I think this is not recommended for everybody. Still worth watching.

TheCompiler TheCompiler

It seems as if the story-writer of this anime is making a frustrated remark on today's world which prefers to live in an ideal fake reality. This is seen so commonly especially on the internet, the new generation.
Procrastination, hypocrisy, lying, depression, suicides and even war(as implied in last episode) all these are products of this fake reality we create for ourselves..
This is certainly a great anime. But it's not meant for mere entertainment, it's all about sending a message: "Don't run away from reality. Don't fool yourself and others'. But it tells this in er.. weird ways that one can't understand unless one really reads in between the frames. Not recommended for kids though, they won't understand (..i guess.. but little kids are very smart these days so who knows -.-) but there are also some ecchi scenes and themes suitable only for mature audience.

Glukogen Glukogen

Yeah, it's hard to describe this anime (as well as the most works of Kon). Admirers of his work again, will glad of psychedelic imagery and intricate story (where it is on the verge of a real and the beyond - that can only be created by the human mind). The ending surprised me and at the same time and was expected. That is, I do not guessed about causes of events.

LightFykki LightFykki

I found this series enjoyable for several reasons and even got back on watching it again with my friend. It is pretty good psychological thriller type show and if you are looking for something for what you just want to bang your head against the wall and think after each episode.. Then you are at a good place my friend, because this one is for you.

You can find my full review on this site as well~!

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

When I found out that Satoshi Kon created an anime series it made its way to the top of my priorities list. I managed to find the 2-disc set online and bought it for about $20. (The show is 13 episodes) I knew it was gonna be a great series, but I didn't know how much it would blow my mind. Almost every episode revolves around a character and a main theme, so at times you'll probably be like, "Ok, what's going on?" or "Why am I watching this person?" But these character's struggles really give the show the mystery and suspense that it needed. ^^ I seriously recommend it to anyone. It has some mature themes though. (I think there was a sex scene or something in episode 3) so just be careful about who you show it to. ^^

mbeckley mbeckley

This series is very suspicious and powerful. I realized that every character in each episode were suffering with a bad situation and the "Bat Boy" attacks them at the end as if he tries to "kill" their pain. I really liked it.

Jheiracks Jheiracks

This one I really liked as well though it was very bizarre. Although my fav was the three who wanted to kill themselves. Well done mind trip. I even loved the intro so much that I bought the soundtrack!

Nekozuri Nekozuri

This is pure eye-candy for those who love psychoanalysis! Not only does Satoshi Kon's detailed animation style lend perfectly to the subject matter, Paranoia Agent actually makes you think (unlike most entertainment today)!

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