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A young singer, Mima Kirigoe, decides to leave her pop-music band and become an actress. But it seems as not everyone is pleased about it.
Threatening phone calls, explosive letters and faxes... Besides that there's a web-page - "Mima's Diary", where each her step and thought are described to tiny details. But in spite of threats and even murders of her, Mima holds her ground and is ready to endure the hard way to desirable fame, even if it makes her go mad...

Credit: Nessbad94

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Nessbad94's Perfect Blue Tv Review

Rated: 9

I enjoyed it from the 1st minute till the last.
'Perfect Blue' is a thriller, horror series/movie.

There’s of course, violence& blood – so if you’re not mature you’d better watch it another time – it’s worth it, but may have some influence on your mind if you’re very impressionable person.

Then, at the beginning it may be a bit boring and slow – but believe me, just patiently endure that part and in the middle you’ll find out the real treat for mind and eyes!

The whole movie is built like a dream or a film take(s) – so some scenes may be repeating, making you confused, yet they also are shocking and unexpected.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

My favorite of Satoshi Kon's films that I've seen, I enjoyed the psychological elements of the film and it really made me think on some parts as to figure out what was going on, so I watched it plenty of times to understand it. Seiyuu Junko Iwao really did an excellent job as the role of the lead, Mima Kirigoe and I wish she sang for the character too though.

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