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Weskalia's Persona: Trinity Soul Tv Review

Rated: 5

Ultimately Persona: Trinity Soul seems more concerned with spinning a fanciful supernatural thriller than with actually telling a character-driven story or playing up any emotional connections. As a supernatural anime, it's a passable entertainment, with story and elements that go deeper and darker than your average ghost hunt. As a spinoff of Persona 3, however, it may leave a lot of fan disappointed; it's no coincidence that most concept from the original only to go wasted. That would not necessarily be a problem if it was more direct about its intentions, the story isn't quite together but has the ability to grow, but instead it spends most of its time trying to straddles the line between goofing off and developing its characters and supernatural elements fully.

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Member Opinions

Alistare Alistare

Persona 3 is still one of my all time favorite video games. To have Akihiko-senpai show up as a main character in Persona Trinity Soul as an adult was friggin awesome! The entire Persona franchise is awesome and I highly recommend this series not just to Persona fans but to everyone.

keyblade32 keyblade32

I don't know if other Otakus will like this Anime because the story is bit hazy and complicated but for me I really love this Anime because I'm a fan of Persona in the Playstation. The Anime is kinda hard understand but if you'll listen and look carefully, you will see that this Anime is also great. I hope there are some Otakus like me that also likes this Anime...

Felcie Felcie

I own it completely and I won't say how... XD Anyhow, I discovered Persona TS by chance, I was attracted by the design. And, oh wow, not only the graphism rocks but the whole anime is great...! The characters have their own personalities, stories and behaviours. There's an atmosphere, dreamlike, which makes me think of Rahxephon or even NGE. Besides, the main character really does look like the one of Rahxephon. But, he, he is lovely and brave. There's nothing disturbed in him (and his lil' brother). I really appreciated the fact that the story was taken by a guy honest, cheerful and... reckless. xD

dwdantee dwdantee

It's THE BETTER anime. *O*

From all I've ever seen, is the best, imo. Exceeds all requirements to be a great anime, especially in history, which does not leave me no choice but to choose it as the best. <3333

Onikami Onikami

I was really surprised by this one. I mean yeah the animation was great the action was nice, but it was the story that took me by surprise. I don't like spoilers, so I'll just recommend that everyone give it a shot, if you like a great story-line wrapped in action you need to watch this one. ;)

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