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Peter Pan is a character who appears in several books by Scottish author J.M. Barrie, as well as other works such as theatrical plays, feature films, and a TV series. In pop culture, he is most often identified by his green tunic.

Peter is mostly renowned for his ability to fly and for being "the boy who refuses to grow up", choosing to remain in perpetual childhood and spend his time going on adventures in the fantastic island of Neverland. As a consequence, his memories periodically disappear in order to allow him to remain childlike (this is a major plot point in the 1991 film "Hook", where the grown-up Peter forgets his roots and even Tinkerbell, his fiercely protective and highly mischievous fairy companion). Peter's abilities also include excellent swordsmanship skills, a sharp mind, and even the ability to imagine things into existence.

In Neverland, Peter commands the Lost Boys, a group of children he has brought to the island. They oppose Captain Hook and his pirates, and the two fractions are on a constant lookout to eradicate each other.

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