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Roguespider's Phantom of Inferno Ova And Game Review

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Rated: 8


With it being a game it is to be expected but with 13 different endings to the game they tend to be hard to get (getting to chapter 3 is quite a chore) all of the adventure (I'm still missing an ending since I'd have to replay the entire game 15 hours worth). The other problem with the DVD game is the need for passwords. If you're playing this game through a TV DVD player you have to wait until you get a password before you can stop and take a break. Computer DVD players are nicer with bookmarks though it took different DVD software to get the subtitles working. These problems aren't nearly as bad as you might think and are easy to overcome.

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I like this series, although others might not like it, but I really like it. It is somehow realistic, knowing the fact that humans die easily in the underworld (world of crimes). The characters are great in their own, but some characters are just plain stupid (intelligent but stupid LOL), their characteristics are good the art is also good. The story is simple, no other turns they just focus on one plot story. But it makes me surprised sometimes when turning points happen. I don't really like the ending, but it is really a good anime.


Having the VN (and bundled OVA), I found the series to be an improvement in key areas (character design) and at least an acceptable adaptation in most others. I dislike the ending though. I understand, and agree with it based on certain observations, but it nonetheless feels weak to end that way. Still, I'm considering getting blu-rays to complement my limited edition DVD sets, if only because they're rather inexpensive now.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I thought the series was decent for an anime about assassins. Scythe Master was a complete creep. Cal was unlikeable to me when she tried to kill Reiji. Claudia was incredibly manipulative. I liked Ein. The end was sad because I wanted to see them successfully get away from Inferno but that was not the case...

the2ndpandora the2ndpandora

Nice story about Assassin's life. Main male is an excellent charater and main female is good too. With some one the ending of this anime is not good, but with me the ending is truely an open ending. Why? Because all of two kiled very much and inferno can't be destroy with ony two , like that death is the only one release .

(Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad English)

CL100100 CL100100

I didn't expect much at first, but the series really did develope into a good series and proven itself to be worthwhile watch. A reasonable amount of action, good story development and most importantly they made a reasonable effort in showing the character's emotions thorughout the series. All and all a good series, definitely worth a watch

Rufusek Rufusek

Phantom the best sniper in Inferno, that was the title which Elen held the most succesful Phantom created by Scythe. I must admit that i hoped that Scythe will die but it didn't made me any happier.. in the end killing don't bring peace but only horror and sadness. Even though it is good that he won't be able to create more people like these or the most tragic character in this anime: Cal. Cal Devens was doing everything just to have a last moments of her life with her savior and beloved Reiji. All the Phantoms had tragic story but hers fate was also most touching. Salvation should be brought for one that lived wrongfull life but searched for love or done anything for their lover

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