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JetKrazy's Planetarian Game Review

Rated: 9

It's a visual novel. It's a picture, and words that narrate the story appearing at the bottom of the screen. What is there not love about that?

Now, it leads in good, introducing the story, and then the characters. The concept is clearly put: There is a broken robot in a planetarium, and you do stuff with her. The way the story goes on is good too. Reverie is so naive that it is funny sometimes, which is good comic relief, since the story gets quite emotional at points.

Now, there are no choices, so it gets a down for that. You kinda just watch it.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This was such a beautiful little series in how it tells a heartfelt story between it's only two primary characters, the warm and welcoming little robot girl Yumemi Hoshino and the jaded Kuzuya in how they're brought together and what develops between them. Although they're polar opposites, a heartwarming bond grows and Yumemi's genuine and kind nature endears her "okyaku-sama" (customer) as he comes to care for her in his time shared with Yumemi. In the realm of platonic relationships in anime, theirs is one I love the most. Planetarian is truly an inspirational anime and it is a series I recommend.

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