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Ladholyman's Planetes Tv Review

Rated: 10

Originality is a key point of this anime. I have never seen the words "Space garbage men" ever in my whole life until I saw this anime. PlanetES is like watching the struggles of blue-collared workers, but in space. I think I learned more about the history about space travel in this anime then all those documentaries I watched at school. This is the most original and realistic space-themed anime ever. No mechs, no fanservice, no random explosions, no defying of physics, no hikery pokery. It's all about the Debris section, their social caste of the company, and how several down-to-earth people make their living. The jokes that are cast sparingly are funny and genuine, the plot moves at a catchable pace.
This anime made me think, unlike Evagelion.

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Just great, I love it! I especially like how it deals realistically with human emotions, and how, while it gives them proper respect and consideration, it also accepts technology and space travel as wonderfully beautiful in their own way. Such a nice contrast to the technophobic Miyazaki. My one quibble is how annoying Tanabe is in the first couple of episodes.

Kukuru Kukuru

A realistic futuristic world. Different storyline from your typical animes, great character development . I was recommended this from a friend and do highly recommend it to people after a thought provoking anime!

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