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Tagged under Leotard, Kemonomimi Headband, Usagimimi, Shirt Collar, Wrist Cuffs, Pantyhose, Apparel, Tropes.

An outfit normally comprised of a leotard with a bunny tail, a detached shirt collar, wrist cuffs, high heeled shoes, fishnet stockings, and a headband with rabbit ears.

Tip: for convenience, use the alias "PBO" when adding this tag to images.

Note: in some images, the collar or wrist cuffs may not be visible, or the character may not be wearing pantyhose. Make sure to remove which tags are added automatically but don't apply.

Additional note: tag can be applied to variations of the outfit (e.g. featuring cat ears instead of bunny ears).
See: Playboy Bunny Outfit +Nekomimi -Usagimimi

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