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In a fantastical world, there are humans, and then there are the mysterious "Plus Anima" beings. Although they appear human, they have the ability to partially transform into an animal and take on that animal's abilities.
+Anima follows the adventures of a group of Plus Anima, including Husky (fish), Cooro (crow), Senri (bear) and Nana (bat).

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Evad83's Plus Anima Tv Review

Rated: 8

Originality-wise, it is relatively ok. It may not be the first story that deals with the problems/struggles of being different, but since the focus is in facing those problems together, especially considering the characters faced these problems and loneliness from young, it is relatively new. So it is kinda original if one look at it in that perspective.

There are many humorous situations that happened throughout their journey and often it served more than as a joke. It also gives an deeper insight on the characters themselves. In another words, the humor in the story is well-done and often well-processed to bring the characters to life.

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