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Ryodraco's Pokémon Tv Review

Rated: 7

The plot is repetitive to various degrees and some portions of the series (namely mid Johto region) can be very slow and boring. However gems of episodes crop up with fair frequency and new twists on old plots are also attempted at times. Hoenn region onward has some of the best the series has to offer. It is good for what it is, an anime made to advertise a game franchise.

In closing it can be a fun, funny, at times witty, albeit repetitive series. The movies, especially movies 3 and 6 can have surprisingly deep and emotional stories.

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Currently watching the XY Anime Series. Serena is so damn cute. I also like Hikari as well. All those other b****es that follow Satoshi are irritating / useless. I can't STAND Kasumi.

By now, going by what names I'm using, you know I watch the subbed versions of Pokemon.


I've watch it many times in TV but i still didn't finish it.. It really is a good series specially when I am still young, but now I lost my interest in this anime and I do not want to watch it anymore so I have stopped halfway.. There are many episode i have not watch, Some episodes are funny and interesting specially when there is a legendary or ancient pokemon involved. but now I gonna watch something else...

Monu-chan Monu-chan

Pokemon is first anime I watch in my life I love pokemon since my childhood its not only about a boys dream to become a best PKMN trainer but about the determination he has he never give up even after so many failures every time he tries to improve more and more

mikeb23 mikeb23

I will admit, i havent seen all of the first season of pokemon even though it was on TV everyday when i was a kid. But i will admit ive poured countless hours into the gameboy games. Classic show with classic characters but after about the second season, it just lost all its momnetum. Pokemon was the shit...back in the day though. Also, pokemon the first movie and 2000 are both still amazing, still have them both on VHS.
"I want to be the the very best, like no one ever was... *DUN DUN DANA" got you singing didnt I? :D

lvlz26 lvlz26

I am a HUGE Pokemon fan. now this is a rating for all the seasons of Pokemon up to Pokemon black and white. I grew up with Pokemon and i just love it. Now there are a lot of episodes so i would say watch it on television but if you have enough time on your hand and would REALLY want to start from the beginning, and i mean REALLY want to i would say you wouldn't regret it.

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

A pretty rad series, and not one where I can say that it's just for a single age group, because fans have clearly proven otherwise! So many games, movies, spinoffs - but the first series, with the classic trio of Ash, Misty, and Brock was my favorite - and the first movie kicked ass! That scene where all of the Pokemon tried to revive Ash? Don't try to hide those tissues, I know you cried too. That classic opening song? After so many series, Ash better be the damn best, that no one ever was. That aside, this is a good franchise to be invested in, it fun, and the gaming from what I've seen is fantastic. Pokemon is as timeless as ever.

Valuna Valuna

Everyone knows Pokémon and it's never-ending unaging epicness! Ash, sets off on his journey from his hometown with his Pikachu to become a Pokémon Master. You follow Ash and his friends with his adventures, defeating other trainers or getting out of trouble from the worst criminals ever; Team Rocket. You see them getting blown away almost every episode by Ash & co. The series is good as long it lasts, but it doesn't keep much sense since Ash seems to never age or anything like that. He just sets off on a journey again each series. It's always fun to see every now and then but don't feel like ever watching it because I like it, although...that used to be the case in about the first 100 episodes of the series.

kuzuryume kuzuryume

what can I say... I guess we all had our 'poke' time... I have seen some movies and they were even more interesting and good versus the series. I saw the whole first and second seasons thanks to my niece, and I enjoyed better the second... It's really a repetitive series, and I haven't seen any progress in the new seasons....

kuryuki kuryuki

gotta catch them all :333

I barely remember much of the pokemons names
but definitely one of the childhood favourites *u*

I'm thinking of re-watching this again sometime LOL
pikapika chuuuuuuuuuu~

e1ectric e1ectric

This brings back memories of waking up at 6 am on Saturday morning, to watch the weekend cartoons. Such a great show (mostly for the nostalgic feeling). I sing along to the theme song just like I used to. Currently 22 episodes into the first season. There are a lot of puns, to the point that I've counted at least 4 in every episode, and some episodes will get into the double digits in the same scene. I tried watching the first episode in English and Japanese w/ English subs... Will definitely watch this one in English just for the nostalgia factor. Also I didn't notice this the first time around (watching it on Saturday mornings), but Ash is a prick (And Gary is even more of a prick).
Update: Finished the first season, and the First movie. I'm surprised how weak the Pokemon in the Pokemon League are... not as spectacular as I was hoping. Now onto Season II (and a not so scratched to hell and back DVD of the second movie).
Update: Season 2 Done. Pretty good, but the new theme song is no where near as good as the original. Otherwise, it's a very consistent series in terms of enjoyability.
Update: Finished season 3, and why are we less than half way through the Johto League? New theme song is still crappy. Still an enjoyable series. Ash is much less of a prick, and Team Rocket is awesome. I sometimes wish I could voice James.
Update: Finished season 4 and Mewtwo Returns (Ok, but like the first movie, doesn't fit in between any of the episodes well, like a poor side quest), but we still aren't done with the Jhoto league... (Jhoto must be a much larger place than Indigo). Theme song got better, but still not as good as the first season's theme song. Team Rocket is still some of the best characters.

razor1997 razor1997

A very interesting anime about monster trainers. Haven't seen the entire episodes, but I'm sure the rest is pretty awesome. LOLz, the first version I ever watched is the English Dub version... Made me thought that Pokemon was made in USA...

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