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Himeno Awayuki was having trouble adjusting to her new life after her father remarried. She had gone from a life of poverty (her father being a classic example of the "starving author") to one of extreme luxury (her father married an extremely wealthy widower.) She's not used to phalanxes of servents and butlers, and her new family don't make it easy for her -- her stepmother harps on Himeno's (perceived) character flaws, her older stepsister constanly plays pranks on her, and her younger stepsister completely ignores her.
As she heads to school (late, as the driver has left without her) she runs into a strange young man. When they accidentally touch hands, sparks fly, literally. Disturbed, Himeno escapes to school, only to run into the young man (and 6 of his companions) later. They call themselves the "Leafe Knights", each wielding a different power (wind, water, ice, fire, light, plants, sound) that they use to fight Saihi (the queen of destruction) and her minions (the seeds of destruction.) They call Himeno the "Pretear", a person who can "pret" (blend) with the knights in order to wield their power.
As Himeno learns more about the Knights and their duty, she is swept into their battles, and before long is glad of their friendly company. But the Knights are holding a dark secret of their own. For Himeno is not the only Pretear they have served, and even the Pretear is not immune to the effects of Saihi.

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Cagalli88's Prétear Tv Review

Rated: 6

One thing about this anime is the hilarious Tanaka voiced by the ever so talanted Koyasu Takehito!! He is short, middle-bald and seemed to know the 'park' that the Awayuki family have. Noy exactly 'park' but more to a jungle. They have bears, crocodile, extinct birds and whats WEIRD is that these animals adore Tanaka!! Their signs of affection includes; biting his bald shining head. Koyasu's voice is so coical!

There were several sad moments especially the episode whereby Hayate finally revealed his feelings for Himeno**spoilers** It is just so touching! The final episode whereby **spoiler** Himeno managed to become Pretear herself witout MERGINNG with the kinghts will make you go, "HAAAA!! Sugoi!!"

In terms of enjoyability, i'll rate it 3/5.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

A very sweet and good mahou shoujo series, a much better one than Sailor Moon and Madoka. I feel this series is rather underrated and doesn't get the love it deserves. Pretear tells a beautiful story that weaves elements from classic fairy tales such as Snow White and Cinderella, and it blends well together. I love the funny moments the series has and the romance between the characters, especially Hayate and Himeno. Himeno is by far the best mahou shoujo heroine as she isn't high maintenance, not an over-emotional crybaby, and is a kind girl who goes out of her way to help others, and doesn't have a selfish bone in her body. So I encourage those who haven't seen Pretear to see this truly beautiful and heartfelt anime.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

A very cute retelling of Snow White, the manga of Pretear was adorable and kid-friendly. Sadly, with the anime they made it less kid-friendly and made some changes that really hurt the series for me. Still cute and fun though.

riho88riho riho88riho

they complete each other. both are cute with good eye-candy and beautiful artwork. what the manga doesn't have, the anime does, and vise verse. story/plot is different towards the end for the anime and manga, but each is good in its own right.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

Um, I was actually expecting more romance from this show. Although I did enjoyed the triangle between a lot of the characters. The ending was ok but I was at least expecting a little more. The many bishounen was a plus, and I also liked the fact that in order for her to obtain power - they had to combine theirs to hers - that was cool.

DarkKitty69 DarkKitty69

Kind of like Sailormoon, although I wish more could of happened between the heroine and the hero. Didn't like the ending too much. But. if you like magic girls, with a hint of romance (not too much, just hinting at it), then this show is for you. Not to mention all the bishounen will keep you watching.


I love the artwork in the manga, though I can't say as much for the anime. =_= I couldn't stand the redesigns they did on the majority of the Leafe Knights, especially poor, poor Kei. Although the voices were fine, the plot got a little convoluted in some parts, and ultimately felt a bit rushed. The manga gets an 8, but the anime gets a 4 from me.

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