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Dragonknight2000's Princess Lover Tv Review

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Rated: 7

Their presentation is very good the plot is nice and well made. And they are adding sense of humor in every way they can add as much as possible. I really enjoyed watching it from the start till the end because its full of surprises and plots and twist in every turns. Its a very exciting thing to watch cause its really hilarious and a romantic kind of a genre. A knight saving a damsel in distress just like in a Disney movie hmm its concepts is also well made because its not just an anime of romance but it can be very appealing also when it was watched by the public, furthermore if you tend to watch it be open-minded cause there were scenes in there that is not for underage kids to watch and I think as much as public is concern just have fun watching it.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

predictable storyline and relationships development among characters. but oppai and ecchi and fan services are great. ok, maybe a little too much but still great. all 4 main females are attractive and have great charisma. the male lead shows his masculinity side which is a match with the 4 female characters. unlike some main male leads in other anime just a total pain in the arse. those bandits are cute. the bad guy should show more evil side if he wants to be the bad guy. he's too soft. what a shame.

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

Mmm...Girls with oversized ta-tas...check...almost invisible plot...check...more censor fog then an English countryside in the morning...check... Well, think that covers the basics, lol! Actually, it's not as bad as ya might think, rather the comedy and ecchi is what sells is sure, however who doesn't like watching the censor addicts having a field day during a hot springs episode?...lol...Alright, yea I wouldn't recommend this one if you want actual romance and plot...

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