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Member Opinions

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Another BL anime. The story it's not that interesting but the art and colors are gorgeous. The characters are cute and you can get a laugh or two watching the situations they're put in, but aside from that it's nothing to write home about.

singlemoon singlemoon

Cute and funny anime!
Ah, I haven't read the manga but I'm planning on reading it. :)
I like Tohru more than other, and I gotta admit his character is a bit too perfect. ^^ Well, not that its bothering me. :D It's slight(?) shounen-ai so get prepare if you don't like shounen ai. ^^
I just found out that one of the creator for the series is Zaou Taishi. XD


I really love it! At first I tought the anime was progressing miserably slow. So I stopped watcing it. But I liked the plot, and seen some of the manga before. So I started watching it again. :D I really enjoyed it, and finished it without a break again.
Would be better with a bit shonen-ai. But it's really good.

riho88riho riho88riho

They follow basically together and there isn't any big deep plot. But the series is hilarious and very cute with interesting main characters that are hard not to love. Beautiful, beautiful art work

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

I really liked this one~! The art is just so beautiful, I'd say is even better than the manga. The colours they used created a perfect armony between the characters and the whole background. Also it's full of comedy with light Yaoi moments here and there. The ending was kinda rushed, wich sucks, but I was pretty satisfied with the whole thing. I didn't like the opening theme, I think it was too boring for an anime of this kind, but I loved the ending theme, the pictures they used are just awesome. ^.^


An overall heartwarming series. Nothing too deep, but the story is intriguing for all the world that it lacks depth, and the character designs are adorable. A nice, light watch if you're not looking for something too hardcore.

Doesn't quite have the amount of shounen-ai i was looking for, though.

TheBloodStains TheBloodStains

Wow this anime...well omg when I frist watch this shouen ai I didnt even know It was shouen ai I thought it was a love tale about this guy who falls in love with a popular girl that gets alot attetion but dosen't like it but apparently its about these three boys who dresses up as girls to keep boys spirits up I mean what why would three guys do that?! but it was only 12 episodes so i decided to finish it oh man the anime made laugh so hard xD but I probaly won't rewatch it again.

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