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Once upon a time, a storyteller named Drosselmeyer wrote about mythological creatures. However, as a result of his untimely death, one of those stories remained unfinished and two of the characters, the Raven and the Prince, broke free and escaped to the realm of reality to continue their battle.

Enter Ahiru, a small duck who falls in love with Mytho after seeing him dancing near her pond one day. Heartbroken because she can't reach him, she wishes to become human. Upon hearing this, the spirit of Drosselmeyer himself intervenes and transforms her into a human girl, motivating this through "personal entertainment". There are certain inconveniences, but Ahiru remains determined to reach her goal -- which is made even more difficult with the appearance of two adversaries! And just what is the connection between the four of them and Drosselmeyer's tale?

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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Rosegirl18's Princess Tutu Tv Review

Rated: 9

Some anime start out good, and end badly. Some anime start badly, and become amazing.

Princess Tutu is neither. It's wonderful from the very beginning - and wonderful at the very end. The characters are amazing, the plot is amazing, the art is amazing, the sound is amazing.
Except for the very small faults that I have mentioned above, it is an unbelievably fantastic, enjoyable anime. It's not for kids. It's for people who know how to think, to be intrigued by the countless relationships that each character develops with each other.
It is a lovely medly of music, dance, and art. What else can I say? While I watched this, I laughed, cried, screamed, and got mad. I appplauded the director for the most multi-level and well-wrapped ending I have ever seen for an anime.

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

I'd recommend this to any serious shoujo fan: it has all the shoujo tropes but doesn't present them in an annoying manner. Even though the characters sometimes act stupid, they're usually smart enough to learn from it and not do it again. It does suffer from monster-of-the-week syndrome sometimes, but those episodes are overshadowed by the main plot. The music is inspired mostly from European classical music and fits the darker theme of the show, as is the ballet. I for one really enjoyed it, especially the second season where things get VERY dark.

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

Usually I steer clear from the anime or manga that has the tiny body-balloon head sort of character design, since the rather chibie-like proportions kind of keep getting in the way of the intensity of the drama.. but here you have it; I'm painfully aware that there are some great stories that have, for one reason or another, chosen to have such character designs, & that if I was adamant about sticking to my sort-of policy I'd end up missing on some wonderful stories, such as Princess Tutu...
Well then, the crazy awesome mix of classical musical pieces, accurate ballet dances, gruesome fairy tales, stories within the stories, loops, ancient conspiracies, swan lake tendencies, hollow princes, knight writers, sadistic story tellers, puppets, crows, ducks, & ..guitar ninjas(...) is just that; crazy awesome. Now, whenever I hear Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1, some part of Scheherazade or Swan Lake, Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies or anything from the Nutcracker, I get a strong craving for watching this series again. Now that's a very good motivation for buying DVDs, no?

singlemoon singlemoon

Ah yes, this is also one of my favorite and memorable anime of all time, I watch this a really long time ago and I remember vividly my feeling for this anime. It was cute, sweet and simply beautiful, I was enchanted when i set my eye on the anime for the first time, it totally stole my heart away.
Most of the characters possessed some kind of mysteriousness within them, and I guess I start to appreciate weird/supernatural and mystery at that point on.
I also started to love Ritsuko Okazaki's song when I heard Princess Tutu OP and ED theme, it's very beautiful and such a wonderful melody. :)

IttyFox6 IttyFox6

I love Princess Tutu don't get me wrong, but the reason I only gave it a 8.75 is because I felt that all the episodes were repeats so to speak and too predictable... Tutu would appear at the same time during each episode, other events would happen the same way each time, etc...

ai-yame ai-yame

An anime where showcasing of elegance is at its finest -- from the whole story, characters plus the conflict among them; music, dance... everything. Although the mishaps were inevitable and not to mention devastating, I just wished the ending could have given a speck of optimism, though the series' 'melancholic elegance' theme is something worth taking note of.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Cute story! :D I watched this series like 9 years ago and I remember how I liked the 'chemistry' between Ahiru and Fakir.
And I can't believe the series ended like that! *doesn't want to give out spoiler* D<


Oh where to start on this one! The music! I loved how they used much of Tchaikovsky's music off Swan Lake to enhance the ballerina's (especially Princess Tutu's) performances! How dramatic everything seemed and with only in a change of music! The animation too receives good marks on my part, they must've really and I mean really scrutinized every detail of a ballerina dancer. I liked the takes on characters like Odette as Princess Tutu and Odile as Princess Kraehe, Their clothing seemed appropriate and very beautiful for this anime and all fitted very well! The storyline was good, I liked how they did a variation on the two princesses trying to fight for the prince. Returning the heart of the prince while the other tries to throw it away for her own benefit. It was perfect for the "roles" to be taken by two friends, Drosselmeyer being in charge of the story and the characters challenging their own fate of it was a great add-on the the anime. Now on to my toughies; I didn't give it full credit, because I didn't enjoy some of the ending. This still ended, in a way, in tragedy! How could Ahiru just selflessly let the prince go?! I, as a devoted fan of Princess Tutu, was devastated to find the ending so beautiful and yet so sad! Up to the very end she was nothing but helpful and all she got was a thank you!? -sigh- Oh well all in all I liked it very much and if you like a good dose of classical music with some storytelling then I suggest watching this. :)

MelgyArt MelgyArt

One of my first discovery in the anime world... Very sweet, nice and cute! I always enjoy Luci Christian' voice. Saddly, I have some reserve on the second part plot and the Drosselmyer personnal history...
P.S. The extras on the DVD are very fun... more over, I just love when there is recording sessions...

megrace33 megrace33

I loved Princess Tutu! It's such a perfect shojo series. There isn't a thing I didn't like about it. But what made it even more special to me was the music. All of the music from the show was from a real ballet. It was such a heavenly show to watch and listen to!

Naoshii Naoshii

One of my favorites. Perfect fairy-tale: cute and fluffy on the outside; twisted, dark, intriguing, and masterful on the inside. But also heartwarming and inspiring, even if the ending is slightly heartwrenching.

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