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It's Prince Wilfred of Estolia's first visit to Japan and women are roaming around him day and night. One of them happens to be Miyako Sakuragawa, whose reason for chasing the prince is more...honorable than the others': since her dissertation focuses on Princess Ritsuko - who just so happens to be Wilfred's great-grandmother -, she tries to get Wilfred's help in finding more research materials.

Miyako isn't successful at getting Wilfred's attention, though, until her friend Chiri manages to sneak her into a private celebrities-only party. Even then, she embarrassingly collapses in front of Wilfred right when she's finally able to talk to him! Miyako later wakes up in the prince's private room and is surprised to find out that Wilfred is willing to help her...only to jump her the next second, demanding she "dispel his boredom" in exchange for the information! Miyako manages to get away, but the next day Wilfred approaches her with the request to be his friend and...to announce he's going to make her fall in love with him?!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Private Prince isn't necessarily a complete inversion of the "guy chases after girl" trope; however, being a josei story, you will find fewer relationship drama moments in spite of the story being mostly about Miyako and Wilfred's relationship. Miyako's initial reason for getting close to Wilfred is academic rather than romantic, and he's the one only noticing her "melons" at first. It's refreshing to see a lead female character that is more plain and ordinary, though Wilfred is the fairly typical womanizer type. The art is clean and pretty to look at, so overall I would recommend this to josei fans.

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