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Ptptn's Project A-Ko Ova Review

Rated: 8

Project A-Ko is a comedy and a parody, so do not expect logical plotlines. A-Ko and B-Ko do not get along at all; B-Ko keeps building technological marvels literally overnight to kill A-Ko once and for all. A-Ko trashes them summarilly until B-Ko creates the Akagiyama power armor. Which looks exactly like a leather swimsuit, complete with whip and wrist missiles, and she wears it very well. Add to this an alien invasion force looking for their lost princess, crazed businessmen going after alien technology, crazed alien commanders that love their alcohol, crazed everything. If there was a sane character in Project A-Ko I must have missed him or her.

The parodies are thick, especially in the original movie, so thick that every time you watch the anime, you spot new ones.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Even for a guilty pleasure series, it was rather "meh" and didn't do much for me. The first movie would've done fine on its' own, but the sequel OVA's were just average and not that interesting, although I did like the spoofs of other anime, especially in the 4th one with the Kimagure Orange Road movie. What I didn't like was when Kei came into the picture, man talk about a dull as hell character whose only purpose was to deepen A-ko and B-ko's rivalry more and both ignored poor C-ko, who was a good character with her child-like charms and innocence. C-ko may come off as annoying to some with her clingy nature and dependence on A-ko, perhaps she's still considered a child in her homeworld.

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