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Yoshina Ageha is a high school student who offers to help people with their problems for 10,000 yen. He'll take care of your stalkers, find your lost animal, whatever you want. One day when he's heading home, a nearby pay phone rings, and he picks it up. The only thing he hears however is his own voice echoing. After finding a mysterious card with the word 'Psyren' printed on it, his life suddenly changes as he is drawn into a crazy new world.

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Member Opinions

StevOmaru StevOmaru

The story is very interesting. The initial plot of the main characters solving the mystery of what happened to the Earth in the future is very cool, but later in the story I think the story all of a sudden becomes way too much about the fighting as opposed to solving the mystery. In the end the only way to solve the problem seems to be to beat up the bad guys which is far too predictable of an ending. Overall it was still very enjoyable and had an engaging plot.

chrisp chrisp

i am a really lazy person when it comes to read mangas online, but this one, i just couldn't stop, so great it is :D all 103 chapters done in an instant!
i recoomend all action lovers out there in the world: GO AND READ IT YOU WON'T REGRET!

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